Day 11 – Favourite Mecha Anime

Okay so I’ve changed the header image. So on to the next post. And well the next question seems quite favourable to me xDD. Anyway you can read the previous post here.

favourite mech anime. Where would a boy and his toy be with, without a mech. God I want to pilot want. Just piloting it will be cool. And flying around in it. And blasting things. Maybe.

Exia – Gundam 00

It’s a Gundam!!!!!. That line never gets old. My favourite mech is the Exia from the amazing Gundam 00 series. It’s my favourite out of the entire franchise, I kid you not. In some ways this is the re-telling of wing. But I feel this series does a far better job of characterisation, plot and world. I mean when you read this letter Setsuna sent to Marina Ismail at the end of episode 25 S1, it makes you realise just how deep this character really is:

Marina Ismail: By the time you read this…I’m already gone. Armed interventions to put an end to war, I’m unable to do anything but fight for Celestial Being. You taught me what it means to fight back then, just like Gundam. I wanted to know why our world is so terminally distorted. Where did that distortion come from? Why there are people who are unconsciously evil? Why people don’t know that their evil hurts others.

Why is humanity an existence which only conflicts with itself? Why are there people who rule and those who are ruled? Why do we wound each other? In spite of all this, why do people go on living like they do? I wanted to ask you…please think of an answer if we may meet again. That being the case, I will seek out the same thing on a different path than yours. Down the path towards mutual human understanding for the answer. I’ll keep looking for it, together with my Gundam.


9 thoughts on “Day 11 – Favourite Mecha Anime

  1. I would love to watch Gundam!!! unfortunately the first season cost £80 if you buy the two parts (other season where never accessible).
    Think I remember they showed “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” on Toonami years ago.

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  2. When it comes to Gundam I have watched a bit of Wing and that is it. I should give the franchise another chance to see why it has such a long running appeal. The best mech show I have seen is probably Code Geass. Even if you replace the bots with say tanks it would still be good because of the story and characters.

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  3. I happen to like mecha anime, and I have dvd copies of Gundam00 up to the second season, ( and manga ) and I love Gundam… but I’ve watch it a long time ago…. my latest favorites are Full Metal Panic and Kurumukuro.

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  4. I kind of enjoyed Gundam 00 which surprised me because there aren’t many Gundam series that I manage to watch all the way through. Mostly I got through this one because of Setsuna and Marina. I really liked how the series dealt with these two characters.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. This is an interesting letter. That is true about humans. We always conquer each other and we hurt each other. I never seen this anime unfortunately. Gundam is probably one grandfathers of mech anime. Almost like DragonBall Z with Shonen anime.

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