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Final Impressions: Amanchu! advance

amanchu! advance final impression blog post silly Pikari cute Teko, slice of life girls scuba diving Hikari Pikari Bakari Kohinata Futaba Dotty Teko Ooki

Sequels either ride the wave of success of its predecessor or be sunk by it. Continue reading Final Impressions: Amanchu! advance


Final Impressions: The record of Grancrest war

Cute Siluca, grancrest senki, record of grancrest final impression review

I haven’t done a first impression on grancrest. Continue reading Final Impressions: The record of Grancrest war

Final Impressions: Dagashi Kashi 2

Dagashi Kashi 2 final impression blog post cute Hotaru

A long-awaited final impression post on season 2 of Dagashi Kashi. Normally I’d just write out my thoughts, but I thought I’d tweak my final impression post – just to gauge on how it goes. I’m kind of inspired by Ka-chan’s weekend wrap up post. Continue reading Final Impressions: Dagashi Kashi 2