Day 10 – Favourite Fighter Anime

Well I’ve reached a milestone with this challenge. And boy heck from the looks of the list, it’s going to get tough. But not as tough as this question…get it, not as tough, yes, no?. Alright then. You can read the previous post here.

Favourite fighter anime. Well this is one can be a bit tricky since not many martial arts anime are around. Sure you have DB franchise. Naruto maybe counts towards it. The saint seiya series will also give you a good run for your money in terms of fighting. However only one steals it for me.

Fist of the north star (Hokuto no Ken)

Living in a dystopian world, where warlords are underlings to very powerful practioners of martial artists. Ken being the last practioner of an immensily powerful “assassin style” martial art known as the Hokuto Shinken (fist of the big dipper). In this world, Ken is looking for his lover who is kidnaped by his former best friend Shin, the practitioner of the rivalling style Nanto Seiken (South dipper holy fist).

To be more precise Nanto Koshuken (South dipper lone eagle style). Each of the Nanto practitioners are destined to a star. With Shin, he represents the star of martyrdom – he is destined to die for love. Anyway, there are tons of characters in this series. Each with their own stories, mostly tragic ones. Also their own fighting styles. It really is one of the best martial art anime, I really can’t put one fighter down as the best.


11 thoughts on “Day 10 – Favourite Fighter Anime

  1. I haven’t seen this anime but I heard this is a great Shonen anime. Before DBZ, this anime had tons of action. I heard this anime helped influence the recently popular anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures.

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  2. I am 75 episodes in as this moment and it’s been great. It’s definitely like looking at the source of all battle shonen that came before it’s and watching it, one can definitely see why.

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    1. Thanks Jill :D. I did get the idea from Matt over at Matt in the hat and Tessa from All About Anime, so they should get the credit for giving me the idea :).


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