I’ve been given the lovely blogger award!!

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Hey everyone, I’ve been lucky enough to be given the lovely blogger award from Winter Reverie over at WinterReverie. So thanks Reverie for the nomination. Without further ado, let’s get right in to the thick of things.

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Tipped someone on kofi and got a wonderful and unexpected surprise!

Hey up everyone, I want to do a quick post on this. As the title says, yeah I tipped someone on Kofi. Now before anyone asks, I randomly stumbled upon her, in fact I can’t remember how I found her xDD. But not to worry, I do have her contact details.

Anyway, as I said I tipped her on kofi. Get this, she’s an artist. And she’s had her kofi up for a year or so. Which makes me the first person to give her a tip – not that it is matters. Anyway, I really don’t know why many aren’t giving her tips on kofi??. She’s a really talented artist. What was another surprise for me is that it was her b-day I tipped her on xDD. That’s not the biggest surprise I got though.

The biggest surprise is: as a big thank you for being the first tip (nope still doesn’t matter), she wanted to do a quick sketch of any character I wanted. HOW SUPER COOL IS THAT!!!!!. I’ve never had anyone do that for me!!. I really had no one do that for me. I was gob smacked when she said she’d do it. She didn’t have to, giving her the tip is worth it!. Anyway I was really struggling to think of a character, so chose a fav bleach character instead: Jushiro Ukitake and well this is her take…

I think it is SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!!. I mean the effort to draw this must have taken some time to do.

Anyway, the lovely lady who did that little art for me is called Eushi @thebirdprincess you can find all the relevant info here:

If you’re interested and want some art commission done by her, you can contact her on email: eugeniachavez.art@gmail.com or go to the tweet to contact her.

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