Greeting and salutations my dear visitor(s). I’m Rocco B. And I am your host and author for this site. I love anime and video games. Been a video gamer for a long time. Just as long as an anime watcher.

I don’t profess that I am an excellent author, writer or reviewer. But just merely a humble viewer that is jotting down his thoughts. On a place that his thoughts can call home.

For his thoughts are like the rain, for they come down but yet do not stay. For they are but a passing translucent wave of thoughts. Littering the paper on which they rest. For words will sought their existencee

What is a cubbyhole?

I’ve been asked a few times as to what it means, taken from Merriam web dictionary;

  •  a small snug place (as for hiding or storage); also :  a cramped space

Exchange link

If you want to exchange blog links, then either give me tweet (link down below) or leave a comment here. I’m more than happy to help out and support, new or old blogs. If you’re new then why are you hesitating?. Reach out and get some tips and more importantly making new blogger friends :D.

till then, adieu.

~ Rocco B.


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