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Tipped someone on kofi and got a wonderful and unexpected surprise!

Hey up everyone, I want to do a quick post on this. As the title says, yeah I tipped someone on Kofi. Now before anyone asks, I randomly stumbled upon her, in fact I can’t remember how I found her xDD. But not to worry, I do have her contact details.

Anyway, as I said I tipped her on kofi. Get this, she’s an artist. And she’s had her kofi up for a year or so. Which makes me the first person to give her a tip – not that it is matters. Anyway, I really don’t know why many aren’t giving her tips on kofi??. She’s a really talented artist. What was another surprise for me is that it was her b-day I tipped her on xDD. That’s not the biggest surprise I got though.

The biggest surprise is: as a big thank you for being the first tip (nope still doesn’t matter), she wanted to do a quick sketch of any character I wanted. HOW SUPER COOL IS THAT!!!!!. I’ve never had anyone do that for me!!. I really had no one do that for me. I was gob smacked when she said she’d do it. She didn’t have to, giving her the tip is worth it!. Anyway I was really struggling to think of a character, so chose a fav bleach character instead: Jushiro Ukitake and well this is her take…

I think it is SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!!. I mean the effort to draw this must have taken some time to do.

Anyway, the lovely lady who did that little art for me is called Eushi @thebirdprincess you can find all the relevant info here:

If you’re interested and want some art commission done by her, you can contact her on email: eugeniachavez.art@gmail.com or go to the tweet to contact her.