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The Skritt Cache: An introduction to the post and skritts

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50th blog post celebration – something a tad different

Well mina, I’ve hit my 50th post on this blog. Considering that I (re)started my blogging career just over 3 mths ago. It has gone much better than I though it would. I will admit that last month, I didn’t quite hit my post quota. And starting late this month, so I hope I can post more frequently. And comment to you guys more often, as I’ve been some what with-drawn lately.  So my bad on that mina.

Snowden Drifts

Anyway, as you’ve would have read on my neat blog post. I stated that I’m investing heavily in guild wars 2. An MMORPG with it’s first x-pac (expansion) being released with no release date, the devs have confirmed that it will be coming out some point, this year – meaning before the year is out.


To give you some insight about this game. It is buy-to-play and it has no subs (subscription). It is everthing what a sub-based game gives, but with no subs attached. You’ve read that right, it is free. And it has one of the best combat mechanics around. The PvE (player vs environment) side of things. We are waiting for season 3 of living world – which is the x-pac. Living world is ArenaNets way of keeping their world alive (they have in the past altered some exisiting maps). And its story driven. Basically, this is their main content to the players. Personal Story is your characters story, you fight an elder dragon. After this, the story jumps to Living Story season 2. There is a reason for this. Season 1 of the LS, was temporary content. The content for S1, lasted for only 2 wks. Then that’s it. The content was gone. So if you missed it, you missed it.

Plains of Ashford

The story progressed onwards. There was 24 episodes in total. Season 2 however, is perminent but only has 8 episodes. So you can replay season 2 as many times as you want. It was free for those that logged in, when the episode went live. But to compensate those that missed it, you can buy it using gems*, convert in-game gold to gems or have a friend who has the entire season unlocked and play with them.

The devs didn’t take in to account of people missing out on LS1. New players would be confused as to why there is a jump from personal story to LS2. They are working on bringing S1, to help to fill in the gap. But not right now.


What are the professions? 

There are 8 (1 more being added in the x-pac, making it 9). They are:

  • Warrior (Heavy armour class)
  • Elementalist (light armour class)
  • Mesmer (light armour class)
  • Necromancer (light armour class)
  • Ranger (medium armour class)
  • Thief (medium armour class)
  • Guardian (heavy armour class)
  • Engineer (medium armour class)
  • Revenant (heavy armour and coming in the x-pac)
What races can I play?

The races you can play are (click on the name race):

  • Norn (a race that are not to similar from the vikings)
  • Asura (a race that is highly technological, intelligent, small, weak and stingy)
  • Human
  • Charr (you’ll see pics as to what they look like)
  • Sylvari (again you’ll see some pics, and there is a secret to them)
How long have I been playing?

I’ve been playing for over 2 years. Now you’d think I’d be some kind of vet. Nope, there are players who have been playing for 3 years. You could say I’m more of a seasoned player. Whilst I enjoy PvE or open world, I have been dabbling in World vs World vs World. It’s basically large blobs of players facing off against each other (PvP) whilst representing their server that they are on. There are 3 game modes. And they do not mingle with each other, unlike some other MMO’ which do. They are PvE, s/t (structured or team) PvP and WvW. PvP is not reliant on which server you and your team mates are on.

My characters and which proffession(s) I play

And now for the best bit. My characters.

Name: Faustinuas Cowl | Proff: Guardian | Race: Charr | 2nd main character

Name: Frazar Darklighter | Proff: Engineer | Race: Charr | Main character

Name: Artorious Sharpsinne | Proff: Warrior | Race: Charr | Extra character

Name: Ruadhagan Gustweave | Proff: Necromancer | Race: Sylvari | Extra character

Name: Alathedien Rhutiaure | Proff: Ranger | Race: Sylvari | Extra character

Charrs are my favourite race. When I first played this game. I started out as a Norn – Engi. The 1st one was to get to grips with the game. Deleted him. Made another Norn engi, and played him till lvl 52. But I found myself, unable to relate or connect with this character or race. So I deleted him and re-rolled another character. This time a charr. I instantly fell in love with the race. I tried out some cosmetics stuff with the charr. How he looked and all that. I deleted that character and was ready to re-roll a new charr, thus Frazar Darklighter was born. He is a bit of my late mog and myself. Faust was created to handle a specific job, dungeons & fractals. Artorious will be heading in to WvW. With Fraz and Alath being in both PvE and WvW. I’m not sure what role Ruadhagan will have.

  • Can leave the game and come back to it
  • No mandatory gear grind (having said that) – exotics (3rd best) weapons and armour are the norm for most players.
  • Level is capped at 80 – it will not progress any further
  • Play how you want – it is uber casual
  • The art work is stunning
  • BiS (best in slot) like asceneded armour / weapon or legendary weapon can be grindy to acquire all the materials for.
  • There are some gear checks in dungeons by PUGs. But so long you read the LFG (looking for group) you can avoid groups like these.
  • There are no challenging content
  • Content dry up pretty quick.

The franchise has a very rich lore and it is interesting. At times the game can become overwhelming, but overlook the cons. It is a really good MMO.

I understand that this is a long post guys, with me gushing over the game. But I do hope you enjoyed the post. So thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you guys next time.