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Hey all, just to give you guys a quick update. I’m not sure if any of you guys are aware of a bug called “the aussie flu” or the more technical term given H3N2 going around the UK or Europe. The aussie flu originates from Australia and it’s a nasty influenza. This is a more potent version of the common flu. I haven’t been able to write up any posts, just watch. The chesty cough is murder. I’m just glad I’ve brought down my high temperture. I haven’t had a flu in a very long time. Anyway will be posting (hopefully) again.


A link to the past!!!

Geez time has flown by, this link is a surviving link to my past attempts at blogging. It pre-dates most of you guys. It gives a slightly better idea as to I was getting up to. That missing video is where me and my friend were making music. I was learning the digital drums back then.