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Log Journal 2

October 21st:

The ship is a lively one. I’ve never met such interesting people. Each person with their own hopes and dreams. Some with their sadness in their lives, who are looking to find peace again. It’s fascinating, to see that a group of people from different paths of life. Can come together and find something in common.

It astounds my mind knowing that such things can be found. Yet it brings warmth to my heart. I shall hold on to that sensation, as we head towards our new-found destination.

For who knows what it may bring us.  

Log Journal 1

October 18th:

The ship will sail in a matter of days. I have waited for this day. The feeling brings such joy, and yet it cannot be explained in words on paper. The new world beckons me from afar. But yet saddens me that I must leave this life behind. For what I grew with, is now immaterial. For this new life is just the beginning.

I wonder what the new world looks like.

Log Journal 23

August 21st;

It has been several months since we left the harbour. The ship has traveled south, yet we have not reached our destination. The crew members are getting restless, I fear mutiny is not far off. The captain, who at first was open to his crew members in our voyage. Now remains shut in his cabin for days on end. Just what does he do in his cabin, I wonder?. For he speaks nor see anyone, besides getting his daily meal. The light can be seen underneath his cabin door every night.

And it is not just the captains absence that belies the fear of the crew. For the weather is now more stranger and even more restless than the crew & the captain. The sky is always dark, rough waves crash against the ship. The winds are unearthly, they sound like roars and howls, that is not of this earth. It chills me to the bones, just hearing them. And yet the ship travels

…. to its destination.