Shoukoku no altair episode reviews

Episode 09: The facturing of the Stratocracy

Point of interest:

  • Birlik Torqye is a satellite nation along with 3 other nations, they make up the stratocracy of Torqye
  • The 4 nations that contribute to the stratocracy of Torqye reject all proposals from Torqye itself
  • Yenicheri is an elite squad of Sultan Balaban – derives from the elite unit janissaries

Altair - 9A

Altair - 9B

The main opposition for Balaban is his niece called Aishe and her uncle, Beyazit, the younger brother of Balaban. It seems that she will play a pivotal role in what will be a civil war within the stratocracy. What role will she play in the grand scheme of things?. Is too early to tell, for her role is severely limited in this episode.

As stated above, I’m not too happy with the way this post has come out. It has to do for progress sake – as I’ve fallen behind at my attempts on having an editorial calendar and watching the series. Also I’ll removing either quotes or points of interest, they don’t seem to add much – so from episode 10 you won’t see them. Don’t misunderstand me, I really enjoy the episodes I watch, but man some things can be a pain to get across.


4 thoughts on “Episode 09: The facturing of the Stratocracy

    1. If you’re not in to historical type anime, then it really wouldn’t interest you. I personally don’t have a problem with the main characters, it does make it hard to care about the others though. So I can see why you don’t have any investment in the cast.

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    1. Yeah, sorry about that :(. The topic in epi 9 is a dozy one; geo politics and self national interests. Hopefully I should get more written up. I kind of learnt the hard way, you should write episodic posts at your pace, rather than banging them at pace you can’t keep up. Even then I kind of suck xDD.

      I guess they could work like that, the intention I had with it is to point out something interesting, kind of like a fun factoid whether it is major or minor in the series / episode.

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