The queen of sweets returns!!: Dagashi Kashi 2 First Impressions

Hey up folks, the first impressions posts are coming out thick and not so fast. For this post, a sequel. One which I’m glad it did get a sequel for. Oh and this post will be pretty short.

Normally I’d insert the synopsis here, however as the title and image header shows. It really doesn’t need one. Instead I’ll not so shamelessly be plugging in my past links.

One from my first impression post for the first season.

And the other one for my mini review.

Straight off the bat, the two main issues are quite noticeable. Firstly, the art. Boy hell has the art style changed. Mainly because it’s done by a new studio. Yup a new studio, so already the art style is some-what jarring if you’re coming off from the back of the first season. It might take some time to get used to, but once you get passed the initial jarring. You’ll get in to the show quite quickly.

Next the length of the show. Now some thought the bombastic, zany, quirkiness nature of dagashi was a bit too much for one sitting, as it dragged itself out for a small punchline. I liked the slowness of the first season. It gave much characterisation to the characters in the show. Well for this season, it’s a short. However, the jokes come thick and fast. And it manages to retain it’s bombastic, zany, quirky nature. At first I wasn’t happy about the show being a short, but I’ve gotten over it. And the fairly fast nature of the jokes.

The show is very enjoyable. If you like zany, bombastic, over the top quirky shows.

Hotaru is still best girl!.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: V. Enjoyable


dagashi kashi 3

dagashi kashi 4

Alternatives: Dagashi Kashi 1st season

What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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