Seeing love after the rain: After the rain First Impression

Hey up all, as you can tell another first impression post is here. And this one has certainly got mixed reactions. It will be interesting to read your thoughts on this show.


Akira Tachibana is a soft-spoken high school student who used to be a part of the track and field club but, due to an injury, she is no longer able to run as fast as she once could. Working part-time at a family restaurant as a recourse, she finds herself inexplicably falling in love with her manager, a divorced 45-year-old man with a young son

As you can tell straight up from the synopsis. It has certainly divided viewers. Due to the age gap of the two main leads. I do have some social commentary on the perception of age and romance, however that will be further down.

Even though Tachibana doesn’t speak that often due to her disposition being sullen, ever since she suffered a career ending injury. I found her immensely charming. Her actions and her stares are quite obvious that she has feelings for Kondou the 45 year old manager. It is clear that she hasn’t quite gotten over the fact that she had to give up a sport she loved. As her interactions with her former team mates showed. Not just her former team mates but her classmates in general. She has a class mate Yoshizawa Takashi, who is in love with her, heck he is working at the same place as her, just so he can get close to her. However, she has no interest in him. She blatantly ignores him.

Kondou Masami is the manager of the café that Tachibana is working at. Nice, caring, considerate. And a divorcee. With a son too, I might add. He epitomises the “nice guy”. Funny enough, his co-workers see him as a person with no spine or a push over. Which is kind of weird, considering that the manager needs to be that, otherwise his business will fail, if you drive away your customers with bad attitude and service. Sure you have to be stern when certain customers are being an ass. I do like him, he has that “dad” vibe where he is trying to be hip but kind of fails at it. Now he has been around the block, and kind of knows what Tachibana means when she has expressed her feelings for him. But isn’t certain. And he is very much aware of the implication and social perception if these two go out on a date.

Now leading on from that last sentence. The adage “age is but a number” can ring true here. As it is quite often that older men tend to go for younger women, take a look at Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump. These aforementioned men are with younger women. To be quite frank they are young enough to be their daughters. To flip it, older women are now going for younger men. These women are called cougars. And the young men that are with older women are known as “boy toys”. It is also known that some girls/women do prefer older men. Why, they have their reasons.

Now I haven’t read what the negative detractors are saying, but I assume it will be in the vein of Kondou is a “paedophile” a “pervert” etc. My answer to that is; look up what the word paedophile means. I’ll even help you out. It means: pertaining to pre-pubescent children. Tachibana is an adolescent. So that term is thrown out the window. A pervert, well he hasn’t done anything yet and even if he did it’s with Tachibana consent. Let’s take a look at the age of consent; it varies from country to country. In the UK she is legal to go out with him since the age is 16. In France the age is 15. What I do get and certainly how society sees, is that it looks awfully weird to see a middle aged-man going out with a teenager that is old enough to be his daughter.

Anyway, away from that topic. The art/animation is simply gorgeous. With a different art style. That is quite unique to this series and quite different for Wit Studio. Aimer does the ending and if you look closely at Tachibana’ phone at the very beginning, you’ll see the ending being played. Which is a nice nod.

If you can get past the age gap difference and not be bothered by it. Then you have a really nice mature romance show, I’m not one in to romance but this I’m enjoying a lot.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: V. Good


after the rain 5

after the rain 4


What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


15 thoughts on “Seeing love after the rain: After the rain First Impression

  1. I’ve been really enjoying this show so far! I’m not too fussed about the age gap and I’m actually interested to see what this show plans to explore and how that will be delivered. So far it’s done a pretty good job at presenting Tachibana’s character and her crush so I’m hoping this show turns out to be a gem! 🙂

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    1. I hope as well!!!. Yup, same here too xDD. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the perception from society. And it will be interesting to see how the show explores the topic. Love your and TPAB posts!!! :D.

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    1. It’s pretty good. Like I pointed out, if you don’t mind age gaps in romances or seeing the other side of romance, then it will appeal. If you think it’s too creepy then avoid.

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  2. I don’t think this is a show that I would really enjoy. Doesn’t exactly sound like my cup of tea so to speak. But..I’m currently watching four shows at the moment…and honestly considering I already have way too little time, I would not know where to fit this one in anyway lol 😊

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    1. Not all romances will appeal. I found this show has charm to it, in most cases I just avoid the genre entirely. Understandable though. Hope you enjoy the shows you are able to watch :D.

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  3. Many people claim that Masami is “taking advantage” of Akira, but I really don’t see that. I’m cool with age gaps, and am curious to see how the anime explores it. May end up reading the manga instead simply due to a lack of time though.

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    1. I agree with you there, Kondou isn’t taking advantage of her. He’s well aware of the social implications that comes with it, never mind their work place. It will be interesting to see how the show will explore age gaps in relationships. Enjoy the manga. And thanks for the comment!! :D.

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  4. I am watching this series too and I am a bit torn myself on the age gap. It comes down to at what age are you able to make consenting adult decisions. While I personally believe Akira is too young to fully realize the weight of her decisions, I believe Masami will take that into account and not take advantage of her. Either way, your review was insightful, especially giving pause to reflect on labelling something as pedophilia.

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    1. I do understand. It’s hard enough that society judge who you’re with. To see a teenager with a middle aged man, people can be creeped out by it. Masami has already shown reservations to the whole idea as he is aware. He thought it was a prank at first. If Akira is in her 20’s and a uni/college student, then the show wouldn’t be as divided.
      Ah thank you, terms like paedophilia is branded about pretty freely and misused these days. I thought I’d clarify what it really meant.


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