Hey all, just to give you guys a quick update. I’m not sure if any of you guys are aware of a bug called “the aussie flu” or the more technical term given H3N2 going around the UK or Europe. The aussie flu originates from Australia and it’s a nasty influenza. This is a more potent version of the common flu. I haven’t been able to write up any posts, just watch. The chesty cough is murder. I’m just glad I’ve brought down my high temperture. I haven’t had a flu in a very long time. Anyway will be posting (hopefully) again.


22 thoughts on “To be sick with the “aussie flu”

    1. Yeah feeling much better, thanks judge. Can relate to her, my chesty cough lasted just over two wks, my youngest bro he’s had his coming on to three or slightly over it, seems to calming down now. Its not a nice thing judge. Hope she gets better.

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        1. Other than my chesty cough lingering (it always does whenever I get sick) I’ve made a fast recovery. Thanks for asking and glad you’re making good progress :D.

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