Final Impression: Strike the Blood II

I’ve completed all 8 OVAs of strike the blood II now. And not once did Kojou sparkle like Eddy Cullen. Well, he probably did sparkle in the eyes of the ladies, by just opening his mouth. Anyway, continuing on from my first impression post on this series.

The show actually did get better, from the first impression. However, there were large gaps between the episodes watched. So my memory of the previous arcs are pretty spotty. However one particular scene does stand out for me. *Ahem*….

STB - Natsuki II

That is in fact Natsuki Minamiya. Yes the “little girl who is in fact a full-grown woman. I laughed at Kojous reaction when he realised that Natsuki is quite attractive. I mean come on…look at what he says.

STB - koujou lewd

Speaking of Kojou, he is becoming more aware of his sexuality a bit more. As he kind of gets pervy thoughts when he is around the girls. However this is implied indirectly, with Himeragi scolding him for having such thoughts. Yes the two can’t get it together it seems. Without some other girl getting in their way. However, if the ending of the first season is cannon, then sorry Himeragi + Kojou shippers. It won’t happen.

Oh I forgot, Natsuki is just savage…

STB - Natsuki III

There was one thing bugging me, and it’s to do with Asagi. There seems to be something surrounding her, that always keeps her safe. It seemed, that this omnipotent presence is always in the background. And the last 2-3 episodes confirmed it. I’m not going to spoil it for you, as to what it is though.

If you’re wondering who the best girls are, imo: Natsuki & Kiriha.


Overall the series really does need another season. As it left on a cliffhanger. And I do hope it does at least, or get another 8 OVAs. Even though the series, is predictable at best. With panties shots thrown in, because of course it is an ecchi show. The action scenes are decent, along with the story. Characters are still meh. Except for Kojou, he needs to be all sparkly for us.

Strike the blood II is enjoyable.


7 thoughts on “Final Impression: Strike the Blood II

  1. I really did want a second season of this show but as yet haven’t checked out the OVAs. It was more if they couldn’t be bothered making a full second season I wasn’t really all that interested in picking up whatever random tidbits they felt like throwing to the audience.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them.

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    1. The OVAs double up, so to speak as a second season. Much like yourself a proper second season would do it justice, however like most shows. It suffered the one season syndrome.

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