GW2 LW S3: A living world of thoughts

As most of you already know that I’m an MMO player. And I play guild wars 2 or GW2 for short. So now that the game has just finished it’s third season of living world with the last being a segue to the second expansion. I thought I’d do a small recap with some thoughts on each episode.

Episode 1: Out of the shadows

This episode brought closure to the death of an established character, Eir. Who is killed in the maguuma jungle, whilst battling the plant dragon Mordermoth Three plot points stand out:

  • Dragons Watch: The newly formed guild, created to push NPCs and the Player Character further in to the story. The guilds name is a result of a fan vote conducted by ArenaNet.
  • Lazarus: The re-introduction of fan favourite villainous race. Lazarus had a hanging thread line since GW1 days. His races were once seen as gods to humans. However their true colours were shown. They had a cult following who referred to themselves as the white mantle.
  • Primordus: This occurred at exactly the same time as the reintroduction of Lazarus. The first dragon to be active since GW1.

Out of the shadows gave a nice & fitting way to give an iconic character in the franchise a send off. Also the main plot points were very interesting. Two characters that were important in the first game making a comeback, is good. At the same time however, it showed the plot could go anywhere.

  • New map released: Bloodstone fen

Episode 2: Rising flames

Continuing on from the bombshells dropped from the last episode. The characters are now planning on how to deal with not one, but possibly two threats. Three plot points stand out:

  • Rytlock Brimstone: The face of the franchise gets hauled away to the black citadel. Since then, his fate is currently unknown.
  • Marjory Delaqua: A necromantic private investigator. Usually this lady, doesn’t mind taking orders. However on this occasion, she challenged the authority of the player character. And walked off with Lazarus.
  • Aurene: The scion of Glint is newly born. And her her name is Aurene. The player character knew the name. miraculously.

Rising flames brought the players a ring of fire map. From what I know the ring of fire maps were around during GW1. But had a separate function. In contrast to GW2, where it is hinted that it could be a playable area. However it took over 3 years to get it. Also Lazarus helped us out to protect Aurene.

  • New map released: Ring of fire

Episode 3: A Crack in the Ice

This episode focused on a hanging plot line that is found in Norn’ storyline. Another dragon is stirring in the north. Now with three possible threats looming, how will the populace of Tyria, survive this?.

  • Braham: The young norn guardian (dragon hunter) and son of Eir, is still grieving over his mother. Now picking up his mothers bow (this profession-sub class change occurs in heart of thorn). He shoots the tooth of Jormag, thus fulfiling the prophecy of the norn going back to reclaim their original homeland.
  • Rox: Not much to be said other than she stood by and made sure Braham didn’t too anything stupid. She did say something interesting that potentially regards the mists.
  • Mystic Scroll: This scroll is just thrown in and is given no prior lore or any sigfiance to the story.

The issue that many of the player base had with this episode are; Braham and the scroll. Braham has an angst attitude towards the player character. And the scroll. Bitterfrost gave us a beautiful map. A real winter wonderland.

  • New map released: Bitterfrost Frontier

Episode 4: The head of the snake

For this episode we head back to the human kingdom of Kryta. And deal with the overarching plot regarding the human personal story. And what was revealed at bloodstone fen. Minister Caudecaus & the white mantle.

  • Minister Caudecaus: His revelation of being the leader of the white mantle. And his research in to bloodstone magic and how it can be weaponised. Also his relationship with his daughter Demmi. Is also resolved here. With him revealing that he is the one behind the murder of his wife.
  • Queen Jennah: We get to see just how powerful she truly is. Also one of the  long-standing ‘would they-will they’ story line between Jennah and Logan. Gets resolved here.
  • Lazarus: The plot-twist is here. And it is massive in terms of lore-wise.

The head of the snake is a strong one episode. As it pretty much cleared up most of the hanging plot threads left regarding the human storyline. With the revelation of Caudecaus being the leader of the mantle. As it is hinted in the game since the beginning of GW2. Also it is nice to see the story line between Jennah and Logan resolved. The poor guy finally getting friend-zoned.

  • New map released: Lake Doric. (Note: that in the Chinese client, an old map version that didn’t make the cut in the final game was leaked).

Episode 5: Flashpoint

For this episode, it focuses on the plot twist found from the previous episode. It also focuses on Taimi and her device, now that two dragons are awake. How will the populace deal with the threats now looming even closer?.

  • Kasmeer: She has been pretty much absent through out S3. So to have her back and join dragons watch is pretty cool. However we do have to deal with the domestics that Marjory and Kasmeer are now having.
  • Lazarus (not Lazarus): Seeing a pattern here. Lazarus seems to be the center plot point. Only…to be revealed that he isn’t what he actually is. The revelation leaves Kasmeer reeling and her beliefs shaken to its very foundation.
  • Dragon magic: The idea of having two dragons doing battle via their magic. Was a good idea. However, this tuned out to be a bad idea.

For me the reveal was a little abit too early. Would have been more impactful if the reveal was near towards the end. I loved the volcano where the player had to glide down to the where we finally get a glimpse of what Primordus looks like. I wasn’t too much fan of the map. Also when talked after the story instance, we get to hear Taimi say “poobah” xDD. He did something that is very interesting.

  • New map released: Draconis Mons

Episode 6: One path ends

The final episode. It follows on from the last episode big reveal; the search for *spoiler* the rogue god Balthazar (who has revealed himself). Now that the god of fire and war has returned to Tyria. How will the human populace deal with such a massive shock?.

  • Shining Blade: We finally get to see the hideout of the most secretive group of the human race. And what exampler Anise is really hiding.
  • Lazarus (the real one): Yes, he makes a brief return. And yup this is THE real Lazarus.
  • Livia: Now this character will come out of the blue for any new comers to the franchise. She is in fact a very important character in guild wars 1. With a story plot hanging over her.

I really struggled to get past the first steps. The puzzle where you have to release a shining blade from a trap, really stumped me. I managed to release her by fluke chance. I only got passed it because I asked a guild mate (which is a first for me). Really nice to go back to Orr and see it partially cleansed. The last fight with Lazarus was just ridiculous, so much aoe.

  • New map released: Siren’s landing

And with that. Comes the annoucement of the next expansion. This was announced last week, so this post is really late. Hope you guys enjoyed this little long winded post.


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