Light – 11 Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

The FINALE!!!. The long, drawn out episode review has finally come to an end on this series. Like most epi reviews that I finish, I feel slightly sad at the end. Check the bottom for my thoughts on the matter. Anyway, we get to see how the dictionary is made. And the dictionary is huuge!!!. It’s a flamin thick book. Kind of looks like an encyclopedia. Heck it could even pass off as one. Araki did say how many pages it does have, but I kind of distracted there. Mitsuya and co are happy that their hard work has finally come to fruition.

You must still continue to gathering words after publication and prepare for the revisions

— Matsumoto

What is really interesting is what Matsumoto said. It appears that Japan’ dictionaries aren’t published by public institutions, unlike the West. Which is kind of surprising. I didn’t know that most printed works like dictionaries are generally published by private companies. So it kind of explains why things are expensive over there. Although what he said could be seen as generalizing. Maybe he isn’t completely aware of how things work in the west?. I don’t know or profess to know. Also the way he just casually threw out his terminal sickness to Araki and Mitsuya. Kind of felt odd to me, sure he tried to soften the blow – but the way he did it, felt odd. It did however set the tone of the shows message, for me at least.

Words have impact, they reach out. It helps to bring people close or at least bridge the gap, so they can try to understand each other. Words may change with the times. For words change and evolve. With each passing generation. The symbolism I found that Araki and Matsumoto pass the batons on to Mitsuya and Mashasi is quite fitting. Words pass on from generation to generation. Just like how Matsumoto is to Mitsuya, Kishibe is to Mitsuya. Overall the series ended nicely. I really enjoyed the friendship between Mitsuya and Masashi.

Point of interests:
  • The great passage is a big dictionary with lots of pages
  • Japan’ dictionaries are generally published by private companies – unlike the west where they are done by public companies
  • Matsumoto causally tell Araki and Mitsuya that he is terminally ill

Episode 11 - 1B

Episode 11 - 1H


3 thoughts on “Light – 11 Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

  1. Congrats on finishing and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. As I said, I’m interested in watching it but its just a matter of availability, so I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts (and the thoughts of others) on this series.

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