Pride – 10: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

The penultimate episode. So we were left off with a melodramatic scene where, Mitsuya is fretting over a single word. Seriously?. So to find his ‘missing’ word. He asked for a thorough checking of the draft. So he amassed a small team of temps. In order to help him find the dastardly word. Nothing is going to stop Mitsuya and co from finding that little rascal. Even it means going through 240k of words!!!. I did find the pacing; odd. For what is consistently a slow show. The pacing on this episode is..well I found it fast. So it kind of threw me off there a bit. Still enjoyable.

What we’re asking you to do is extremely vital for The Great Passage

— Araki

I did enjoy the small flashbacks. What was once a small dusty office. With only a handful of workers, to an office filled with people. All helping out in trying to complete this mammoth job. That has, in the words of Mitsuya; taken 13 years to complete. This been stated in one of the earlier episodes. However I still find it, rather weird. They would’ve just in-putted the words on to a spreadsheet or word processor. Would have made their jobs that much simpler. And you could have just searched for the words, and not going through that painstaking process of doing it by hand. To flip it, it served a purpose.

It showed just how far Mitsuya has come as a person. His love of words are spreading to others. However, the show does seem to use melodrama. Especially when it comes to Mitsuya. Maybe to inject some life in to the series, due to the nature of the show perhaps?. In some scenes it showed how Mitsuya is losing himself. And that the words he loves are all being sucked in a vacuum less void. I guess it’s meant to be a metaphor for him trying to save something, but can’t on his own?. And that everyone else are there to help him, overcome it. Just like how Masashi did. That’s how I saw it. Speaking of Masahi, I did like how he got some good screen time here. And the fact he used Kai (chibi dictionary) as a mascot for the great passage.

Point of interests:
  • Mitsuya has a small group of temps go over the entire dictionary of 240k words to find the lost word
  • Matsumoto’ wife has phoned the dept, letting them of his declining health
  • Temps seem to be enjoy doing the work by hand

Episode 10 - 1B

Episode 10 - 1F


5 thoughts on “Pride – 10: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

  1. A spreadsheet would definitely have helped at this point. But that kind of wouldn’t be as romantic or as dramatic if they just had to control F to find the missing word. Thanks for sharing.

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