Blood – 09: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

Right, this is the new style used for my shoukou no altair epi review. And I want to finish off this series pronto. The pacing of the show is as consistent as ever, that being; humdrum. I don’t mean this in a bad way, as I’ve enjoyed the slow pacing of the show. The episode has us seeing Kishibe is still trying to adapt to Mitsuya. As she just can’t seem to gel with her new boss. As he isn’t expressive. And when he does, it comes across as forced or awkward to her. So she relies on the person that understand Mitsuya very well. Mashasi. Also I did find it odd that she didn’t know what inebriated meant. Considering that words are her thing.

You seemed rather inebriated last night as well

— Mitsuya

What I did like is what Mashasi did. That small little treasure hunt, where he gave her small clues as to where she should go. And each time she kind of understood where Mitsuya is coming from. What sealed the deal is Matsumoto telling her, that Mitsuya is the kind of person that is considerate of others. So he picks his words wisely. Curious that the group are weary of Kishibe getting drunk. Since the lucky girl nabbed herself a date with the paper boy.

Coming from episode one all the way to episode nine. Seeing the difference in Mitsuya is something. You see a guy who is shy, awkward and unassertive in episode one. To someone who is able to go in to a meeting and be assertive. That is a jump in development, doesn’t help the fact there is a time skip. So he has time to adjust to his leadership role. The other thing I liked about this episode is the nod back to where Araki and Matsumouto were first seen in episode one. In that small cafe, this time though we have Mitsuya and Masashi taking their roles. As they were initially intended to.

Point of interests:
  • Kishibe doesn’t handle her alcohol very well
  • She also didn’t know what inebriated meant either
  • Masashi indirectly lead Kishibe on a small hunt, in order for her to understand Mitsuya better

Episode 9 - 1D

Episode 9 - 1E


4 thoughts on “Blood – 09: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

    1. When you do have the chance, I’ll be checking out your post on it!!. It is interesting, an underrated gem (imo) that went unnoticed during autumn airing.

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