Episode 02: What it takes to become a pasha

Continuing on from the last episode. Episode 2 is a damn improvement. We have a better pace and nowhere near as it being bone dry. For this episode we get a back story as to how Ibrahim and Mahmut first met. Evidently Mahmut is a gifted soldier, however he was shunned by his peers. As he pretty much kept to himself and didn’t communicate as well with the others. To note that Ibrahim is already older than the young Mahmut. Both already had goals back then. So it’s surprising to see that both pretty much achieving their goals.

I yield, I apologise for calling you a kid

— Ibrahim

Ibrahim gets more screen this time around. As we see what motivates him. Since Ibrahim is a vali of the town of Hisar. I assume that a Vali is like a major or some sort. It never explains, if it did I missed it. Anyway Ibrahim is accused of rebellion against Turkiye. And that the town of Hisar has declared “independence” from Turkiye. This episode pretty much focused on that. So we’re having our first major conflict. I can see why Mahmut gets along with Ibrahim. Both are decent men, who care about the people around them. So it shocked Mahmut to hear that Ibrahim would do such a thing.

Speaking of the conflict. We also get to see the pasha that challenges Mahmut on his viewpoints. His name is Zaganos. And Zaganos seems to be well acquainted with Ibrahim. It’s implied that he picked Ibrahim to be the Vali. And that his honour is besmirched or something like that. Hence why he is going to sort out the mess. Straight away the impression given on Zaganos. Is that he is very intelligent, insightful and very taciturn. He does comes across as your typical general. Not giving away too much or saying just enough.


3 thoughts on “Episode 02: What it takes to become a pasha

    1. After two years, tinkering around and everything else in between I found the formula!! xDD. Thanks Raistlin!!! :D. If you’re ever interested in trying new formats; experiment, experiment, experiment. Till your happy with it. And then experiment or tweak some more till you perfect it. Never be afraid.

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      1. Thanks for the advice. I have a vacation coming up in a week, so I have a little bit more time on my hands. Might try some things out at that point.😊 But you certainly were succesful in your experiments, that’s for sure 😀

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