Episode 01: To be part of the Stratorcacy

Two things best describe the premier episode; slow-paced and BONE DRY!!!. Emphasis on bone dry. We are introduced to the MC named Mahmut. If you’re thinking that it sounds Turkish. That’s because it is. It shows us that Mahmut has just become a pasha. A pasha is basically a head or chief. And that Mahmut is the youngest pasha. It also iterated that he has an eagle named Iskender (Alexander). The eagle looks pretty ugly – are they trying to make it look like a vulture or something?. Anyway the episode doesn’t do much or explain as much – so I expect more exposition on the world, characters etc as the show progresses.

What is it that I want to know?

— Mahmut

Mahmut comes across as super serious and dedicated to his role as pasha. He also comes across as altruistic with a narrow view on the world, however that seems to be broadening according to Ibrahim his friend. Besides having an eagle, he has a book on his person. That book has some significance to him. As it turns out a belly dancer called Shara found it on the street. Shara is the lady introduced to him by his friend Ibrahim. I did think in one scene it hinted that she is potentially a thief. Turns out she isn’t, but either way she managed to get one over him. The book is a book of poems. Hence why he is embarrassed.

Speaking of Shara. If Mahmut is the meat, then Shara is the juice of the show. However that’s pretty tough to do when the show is bone dry. Even when she’s introduced as a “potential” interest. Her role could be seen as just mere fanservice. As she doesn’t add much to the show (yet). Even with her introduction, it doesn’t speed up or ‘add spice’ to the episode.


7 thoughts on “Episode 01: To be part of the Stratorcacy

  1. Your set up seemed fine to me, nothing egregious, flowed well.

    As for the show impression…BONE DRY?


    Concise, yet sounds apt. I think I’ll dodge this one too.

    Thanks for doing the leg work.

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    1. What do you mean I did all the leg work 😛 xDD. Thanks for the feedback!. Yeah it is bone dry (for now). At least Arslan had some elements that took the monotony away. Until this picks up, I can see why this series will be ignored.


  2. Well I don’t mind slow paced, but reading through this I don’t think this show will be my cup of tea so to speak.
    As for your questions, the post looks great. I like the format for it, it is easy to read, let’s you quickly see the highlights, and is just very accesible to. The pictures are just enough (else the post might run the risk of becoming to cluttered). And the header looks cool too.
    In other words, this was a winner in my opinion 😀

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    1. Yeah it won’t be for everyone. War type of anime, with a slant of historical & fantasy seem to be my thing xDD. I enjoyed Arslan & Izetta. So I’ll see how this goes.

      Thanks for the feedback as well!! :D.

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  3. I like this format. It’s quite readable and gets your points across quickly. I wasn’t sure what you were asking about the featured image, as I don’t see one here.

    I agree that Shara’s character has no purpose for now.

    Mahmut’s abilities as a falconer are interesting to me too since his combat style is more indirect. Also, I thought Iskender looked pretty cool.

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    1. Thanks Otaku :D. The featured image is above the title, you should be able to see it now. I kind of made a large oversight in not putting it in originally xDD (doh!). You should see it now. That will be used here on out.

      Good point, it didn’t occur to me that he might prefer to battle indirectly.

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      1. Ah, I see it now. It looks pretty good, but the hard border between the image and the title throws me off a little.

        I can see why the action is a little less exciting the way they depicted it. The “fight” definitely didn’t have the tension you might expect, but to me the whole thing sort of flew by too fast. My guess is that the series will focus more on the politics than any actual fighting in a war, but we’ll have to see.

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