Fighting over time is a way of life: Jikan no Shihaisha First Impressions

Hey up folks, another post for this seasons showing. And well might here goes nothing, “If I can turn back time“. Yeah…can’t sing to save my life. Under normal circumstances that would have a hilarious context, but in this show. Well it literally means it.


The story centers on “Chronos Rulers,” those who fight the time-eating demons that appear when people wish they could turn back time. The Chronos Rulers fight a time-manipulation battle against these demons.

Jikan no shihaisha or chronos ruler. Is the english title for it. The synopsis pretty much explains it. It follows a small group that fight to save people from unearthly beings.

In this episode it’s about a talented girl called Koyuki. She has one big life regret; she wishes that her brother can come back to life. Beings called Horologues are the main antagonists. They are the ones that grant humans this wish, however it comes with a price. A heavy one. You give up your time as payment for that wish. The closer you are to a horologues, the more time you lose. To the point of you being  erased from existence.

Enter chronos rulers Victo & Kiri Putin. Not related to Vladimir Putin, by any means!. If they were, god help us all. Victo is the womanizer whilst Kiri is the straight-laced one. So you get the idea. However there is a startling revelation about the twos relationship.

I’m struggling to say much as this show, just didn’t leave me with much to say. It was …just bleh. The fight scenes were just bland and lacked any excitement. The music was just average. The premises of the show had an interesting concept, too bad execution is just so bad. The funny moments felt forced. Yeah it had funny moments.

Oh yeah, every time Victo uses “speed up”, he loses his memory & his life. In other words he has no recollection of things. So has to keep a diary as a record. The show doesn’t explain what them weird orbs are. Or how they became chronos rulers. It left some questions, however I’m not bothered to even find out. As the show just did nothing to keep me interested.

I’m sure the underlying message is; treasure the moments with the ones you love, for when they move on. Live your life with no regrets. However that seems to get lost somewhere in the show.

Why did they censor out Hollywood?…yeah actually they censored out H*llywood. Well the studio Project No.9 is behind this. To put it mildly; the only interesting show they worked on: Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu & Ro-Kyu-Bu.

Wouldn’t waste my time with it.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: Bleh


jikan no shihaisha - 2

jikan no shihaisha - 4


What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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