Final Impression: Granblue Fantasy

Well after 12 long episodes of having skyfaring adventures. It has finally come to an end. The airship has docked…. somewhere in the world of Granblue. This discounting the 13th episode – which is just the obligatory beach episode. Where it had all the female characters plus the female version of Gran. Enjoying themselves on a beach. Heck even the leading lady Katalina found herself there. Bathing and scolding those that looked at her bathing suit.

Here is my first impression post on how I first saw it.

So did the sky-faring adventuring series end well?. I think my feeling pretty much tallies up with everyone elses – much like Karandi. It meandered. It went from place to place, but it never really did much. However they kept it interesting enough. To avoid it being so bland or generic. This coming from a fantasy, video gamer is pretty hard to admit.

The main aspect of the show is the “dynamics” between the cast. If you can call it that. As the characters didn’t have much chemistry between them. It felt dry or to put it in another way, eating sand paper – it felt coarse. Even with Lyria and Gran getting the majority of screen time, I at times felt they should move on to the next plot piece as their interaction is just so bland. Yet they have this charm about them. So it makes it just about tolerable.

granblue- 3

Speaking of characters. Many had issues with Vyrn. The ever-so ‘lovable’ flying lizard & buddy to Gran. Who is the ‘mascot’ to the series. I didn’t have any issues with Vyrn. If you hated Happy from fairy tail, then you’d hate Vyrn. As he pretty much plays the same role as happy. The biggest gripe I have; Io. God is she so annoying. She adds nothing to the plot or gets any development. She inserts herself in to the cast, as if she is that powerful. Is she needed?. No. As I stated in my 1st impression. Katalina is my fav. Rackam became one as well. Vyrn is just there. Neither hated or loved. Io can go back to that rock she lived under.

The big bad empire. To put it simply…are a joke. And are just utterly pointless and useless. Inept comes to mind.

In short the series has its flaws. However my initial first impression stands. It’s enjoyable. But a forgettable adventure.

You can play the game via chrome. My tip is to have a google account and use that to sign-up.


6 thoughts on “Final Impression: Granblue Fantasy

  1. I’m glad this was able to entertain you despite everything. Sometimes an anime/manga/etc doesn’t have to be spectacular in order for us to enjoy it, at the end of the day. Sure, it’s nice to have something more complex and challenging to go back to, but it’s okay to get something a little more laid-back once in a while too.
    I might try the mobile game for kicks 🙂

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  2. Well, enjoyable is sometimes good enough for me 😀Seeing as I love fantasy I had already added this one to my list before. Will check it out at some point, but not in a real big hurry for this one. Great post though 😀

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    1. Myself and Karandi do disagree on who is annoying xDD (much to her chagrin). However we do agree on the series being enjoyable. This isn’t a must see fantasy anime. It does what it needs to do. Thanks Raistlin! :D.

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