Compile – 08: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

A young lady is entering the dictionary department. She’s carrying a heavy box. It appears she’s the replacement for Masashi. Majime is already stuttering. Majime is so formal that he hands her his card. Her name is Kishibe. Kishibe is surprised to hear that there only two full-time employees; herself and Majime. The office looks more like Majime’ room at the boarding house than an office workspace. So they go about cleaning the place up. Kishibe thinks everything is out of placeness. When Majime comes up to her and inquires as to what she means by it.

Then there are only three people here?

— Kishibe

She’s unsure as to what his intentions are. She states that she used to work in a busy fashion magazine office. Not some rinky dink dictionary office. She thinks she isn’t cut out for it. But Majime corrects her, her orderliness makes her suitable. She thinks he’s a weirdo and leaves. She returns the following day and learns of the great passage. And it’s 240,000 entires.

Point of interests:
  • A new intern has arrived – a young lady. Could be a possible love interest for Majime
  • Kishibe is a transfer from the Northern black editorial team
  • It appears that Northern black editorial team is a fashion magazine

Episode 8 - 1J

Episode 8 - 1M


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