Top 3: Spring Anime Openings (2017)

I do apologise for not putting up a pretty or interesting header image, as I couldn’t think of any  -____________-. But anyway, since the Spring animes are all wrapping up now. And some carrying over in the summer. I thought I do a top 3 opening that caught my attention.

*To note I won’t be posting the videos, as putting too much vids actually bogs down the loading of the post. Instead click on the links on the titles as that will take you to right vid.

So without further ado.

03. Go – Bump of Chicken

Even though the show came across as a prologue for the events to come. And it being a standard fantasy show, with a very generic main lead. The opening for me; is pretty much a very nice song. I found it quite laid back. Funny enough, the opening kind of set the tone for the show. As show itself is pretty laid back and isn’t too intensive. Especially for a fantasy show. Interesting to note; the song came out about 6 months ago. Go with the band name though – reminds me to go get me some chicken burgers….errrr yeah.

02. Clockwork planet – fripSide

I can’t say much about the show – as I’ve stated this show had a very slow start and from reading a few comments it spiraled downwards. With only a few blips of good spots here and there. However the opening is the highlight for me. I’ve always liked fripSide tracks. Although their MV… very questionable. Poor Sato…he gets some really bad directors to work with. Altima – the flipside to fripSide. Are enjoyable to. To note; I’ve given a nightcore version link.

01. nZk ft; Tiellie & Gemie – Gravity Wall

nZk is the name that a certain composer goes by when not using is his real name. Fear not, detective Rocco is on the case!. And I’ve found out just who he is. Okay it’s pretty obvious as to who it is. None other than Sawano Hiroyuki. I love this opening, if you listen to the lyrics; it is pretty significant to the plot of the show. Tielle and Gemie do a fantastic duet.


And there you have it. 3 of my fav OP that have come out this season. What is your fav OP?. Let me know down in the comment section!!.


15 thoughts on “Top 3: Spring Anime Openings (2017)

  1. Nice, great choices. They’re also my favourites, I would only add Quan Zhi Gao Shou’s and Shingeki no Kyojin 2’s.

    Clockwork Planet reminded me of Absolute Duo: I greatly enjoyed the OP but the Anime itself wasn’t really too good.

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    1. Ah thanks Izana :D. Yeah the OP for shingeki is pretty good. As someone who has kept up with the series to a certain point, the OP and ending is foreshadowing or rather explaining the history of the titans. I haven’t seen Quan Zhi though. God, duo brings back terrible memories for me. Agree the OP is good though.

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      1. Yours is a good taste, that’s all. Shingeki’s is great when you’re about to fall asleep, whenver I need to keep awake I play it and for some reasons start screaming “Sasageyo!”, but yeah. Sound aside, the visuals of the OP are meaningful on their own.

        QZGS’s (or TKA=The King’s Avatar, there is another one called “Quan Zhi Fa Shi”, don’t confuse them, because I do) isn’t that great, but I simply like how Chinese sounds, so I’m biased on it.

        Yeah, Duo teased me like hell, the OP showed MC walking on the desert burning up and it seemed epic, then we had the actual Anime.

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    1. Yeah, Sawano is just excellent!!. Go is enjoyable as well. Also if you click on the link for gravity wall, you’ll be able to see the next OP for recreators. It’s called Sh0ut.

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