Final Impression: Saekano S2

Well now that Saekano has finally finished. And it’s quite surprising that it only got 11 episodes. I think the last series got 12 – technically this series got 12, do you count episode 0 as an episode?. But anyway.

If you’ve read my first impression post on this, then this is my final thoughts on the series. You can read my first impression on Saekano S2 here.

Quite an improvement from the last. Sure the first series really played on the entire otaku culture with lots of pandering and fanservice. It did get stick for the way it handled some things. So after some time, mostly due to the source material. The series came back with a little play from the last series. However that’s just what it was – little. This series did things differently. And boy heck did it show.

Gone were the referencing to otaku culture. It focused more heavily on what made the series what it actually was. Romance & drama. More importantly the girls and their resolution.

The resolution for the romantic endeavours of the girls were the lynch pin of the series. Sure the series still played on the whole “making a dating sim video game” but for this season it was literally; secondary to non-existent. It played a convenient part, or rather to help the plot moving along. The series is broken up in to 4 main arcs and their resolution.

Utaha Kasamigaoka

We all know that Utaha has the hots for Tomoya. No matter how hard she tried to deny it. Well in this arc, we finally do get to see a resolution for her. Utaha is graduating and in her subtle way, she wants to know how Tomoya feels about her. This sadly never went to plan – for her at least. As seen in episode 4. Tomoya being the block-headed dolt that he is. Doesn’t see the hidden feelings that Utaha has for him. In the end poor Utaha gets…. rejected. That’s twice for her now. In episode 4, she is deeply heart-broken. And does her best to come to terms with it – even try to move on from him. She realised that she isn’t the one for him. However moving on from him seems to be hard…..


Lock them lips Utaha!!!

Eriri Spencer

This one is a tough one for me. As I was never a fan of her at the start, however she grew on me. The problem with Eriri is that despite being a main cast, she sure as hell got less screen-time for the majority of the series. This boiled down to her having a major slump as an artist. She wasn’t being pushed and she kept missing deadlines because of it. Tomoya wasn’t keeping an eye on her and just took her word for it. Even though she was struggling. Her arc over-laps the last arc.

The problem with Eriri arc is that. Well it was far more over dramatic than it should have been. In one episode, she had a cold and the episode made it look like she was dying. Litterally. Her arc is pretty weak. We do get some development on her & finally the resolution she has waited for. Her friendship with Tomoya is stronger than ever. Her tsun behaviour for the most part is absent to tone-down.

Megumi Kato

Ah the girl that unintentionally won Tomoya’ heart. Yup she had her own arc. Her arc follows on from Eriri. In this arc she distances herself from Tomoya, because he wasn’t being honest with her. For a good friggin few months. Tomoya is so arrogant that she thought she could forgive him that easily. Turns out he was wrong. Megumi is the backbone of the group. Even though she has no idea on the otaku culture, she enjoys every second of being part of the group.

In one of the best apologetic scenes where Tomoya is begging for her forgiveness. She cries. A rare moment for the girl with the best deadpan come backs. Her relationship with Tomoya is almost cemented. In all even though it is an essential arc, it isn’t the strongest arc.

The poaching

The arc that got every one heated and had Eriri and Utaha lose some credibility. The arc is about Tomoya wanting in making another game. However, unbeknownst to him. Eriri and Utaha were thinking of their own futures and wanted to move on. Since they weren’t being pushed as creatives (although this kind of ties in Utaha’ arc). However the girls didn’t tell him initially, only months after he proposed another game to Utaha. Is when she told him the truth. He sucked as a producer. And she’s right, he isn’t cut out to be a leader. A leader is able to lead, nurture and push. Without being an arse. And the girls went to work for the former leader of Rouge en rouge Akane. Who just turned out to be a bitch. She degraded Eriri works, in hopes of pushing her. How does that one work?. And had Utaha as an after-thought because who she really wanted was Eriri. She wanted both, of one wasn’t on aboard the other wasn’t worth it.

This arc really helped Utaha and to a certain degree Eriri, more Utaha. As it allowed her to move on or try to from Tomoya. For Eriri it could have made or break her relationship with Tomoya. This is her second time she betrayed him. But as stated above it strengthen their friendship. It also did something. It brought Utaha and Eriri together as friends and not just rivals.


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