Summer 2017: A fantastical world filled with fantasy and videogames!

Hey up everyone, well this is a new type of post. As many will know, I previously posted on the seasonal lineup for the year. However…the posts detailing the lineup remained incomplete. And I started long before they actually aired. They also had high, low, medium, indicating on where they were on my watch list. That’s been done away with – don’t worry the posts are still there, they’ve just been shelved as uncategory. Instead what you’re getting is a more streamlined, less confusing and more importantly easy to read what I’ll be watching for the season. And the good news is; it’s only one post. The post will also double up as a lineup for the season.


Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

Studio: Ufotable | Director: Shirai, Toshiyuki |

The year is 1863 as the tumultuous samurai era is coming to an end, Japan is split between the pro-shogunate and anti-shogunate factions. The fate of the world is threatened as an army of historical revisionists are sent from the future to alter the course of history. In order to bring these forces down and protect the real history, two sword warriors, spirits who are swords brought to life by Saniwa (sage), rush to Edo. The polite and thoughtful Horikawa Kunihiro and the short tempered yet skillful Izuminokami Kanesada, who served the same master, confront the invading army along with a lively gang of other warriors including Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, Yagen Toushirou, Tombokiri, and Tsurumaru Kuninaga.

It looks pretty interesting. From the PV – it appears to be a fast paced show. Plus it’s done by Ufotable, so you know the quality of the animation will be of high standards. The anime is based off of a video game. This is the second one. A quick check on the composer; Fukasawa Hideyuki did some works on a game I really enjoyed; Chaos legion. It’s like the DMC series. Came out in the early 00′. Plus the show is fantasy.


Studio: A-1 Pictures | Director: Asai, Yoshiyuki |

There was once a Holy Grail War waged by Mages and Heroic Spirits in a town of Fuyuki. However, one Mage took advantage of the chaos of World War II to steal a Holy Grail. Several decades have passed, and the Yggdmillennia family, who took upon the Holy Grail as its symbol, defected from the Mages’ Association. Furious, the Association sent forces to deal with the Yggdmillennia, but were defeated. With the Holy Grail system changed, war at an unprecedented scale breaks out.

It’s a Fate series!!!. What else would you expect for me to NOT watch this. It’s not a main route series, so don’t worry about getting confused. However it’s A- frigging 1 behind it. I’ll leave that to you to decide.

New Game!

Studio: Dogba Koba | Director: Fujiwara, Yoshiyuki |

The second season of New Game! Continuing to show the daily grind of the game development studio, Eagle Jump.

Another season of new game!. Sure it had a problem of selling itself as a “shirobako” of the video gaming world. And it didn’t quite live up to it. With the yuri undertone, it didn’t quite please some of the opposite gender. Hey they got Yuri on ice. We boys need our own fan service.


Studio: PINE JAM | Director: Okamoto, Manabu |

Centering on the gaming lives of various high school students who play video games, including: Keita Amano, a lonely young man who loves video games; Karen Tendou, the beautiful president of the video game club; Chiaki Hoshinomori, who constantly fights with Keita; and Tasuku Uehara, who puts on a facade of being satisfied with his life in the real world, but he in truth loves video games.

Continuing with the theme of games & anime. Next we have another one. This one seems more or less like a mixture of saekano and new game!. More of the former. But without the otaku culture. I’m not really sure on this tbh. It seems interesting enough.

Shoukou no Altair

Studio: MAPPA | Director: Furuhasi, Kazuhiro |

For generations the Turkiye Devleti and the Balt-Rhein Empire have stood in stern opposition to each other. Then one night, when an imperial minister is found assassinated, the two nations are plunged into a potentially explosive situation. As the generals of Turkiye’s council cry for war, Mahmut comes to discover the devious truth behind the assassination. Thus the young pasha’s battle for his country, peace, and trust in his fellow man begins!.

Basically another version of Arslan. If you want to know Arslan means lion in Turkish. And Altair means Eagle in Arabic. In fact the prince in the story which Arslan is based off, is actually Turkish. I love Arslan senki, so this show resembles it. I do think it won’t suffer from the slow pacing that plagued Arslan. Also I do think this show will get compared to it alot.


Studio: MAPPA | Director: Hayashi, Yuichiro |

Hyakkaou Private Academy. An institution for the privileged with a very peculiar curriculum. It’s not athletic prowess or book smarts that keep you ahead. It’s reading your opponent. What better way to hone those skills than with a rigorous curriculum of gambling? Here, the winners live like kings, and the losers are put through the wringer.

Another entry from studio MAPPA. This one does sound really interesting. However I won’t have high expectation in case it goes down the toilet. Just like the other ones I had.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

Studio: J.C Staff | Director: Yonetani, Yoshitomo |

Centering on Hiraga Josef Kou, a genius scientist, and Robert Nicholas, an archives and cryptanalysis expert. The two work as a team as the Vatican’s “miracle examiners,” traveling the world to investigate the authenticity of claims of miracles.

Well one with heavy religious tones. Am sure Matt will be heavily interested in this one. It does seem to have a slow pacing. I’ll see how it turns out. Could be a sleeper hit or not.


And that’s it for this post. There are others, however I didn’t want this post to be any longer. So leave your comments down below and what are you watching?.


7 thoughts on “Summer 2017: A fantastical world filled with fantasy and videogames!

  1. Have not really thought about it knowing its going to be a few weeks into the season before I can get started. I guess by the time I start watching and posting on the new season, I’ll already know what’s worth trying but I’ll still probably give a wide range of shows a go just to see what ends up grabbing my interest.

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  2. I’ll probably watch them all, but my highlights are definitely Fate/Apocrypha (who cares if I already know the story? It’s FATE) and Kakegurui (I simply love main female characters who are maniac and yandere-like). Though I’m already reading their original sources, I’m still extremely hyped for them (perhaps it’s exactly because of that: I’m assured that I’ll enjoy them).

    I’ve read only one chapter of Gamers! and was extremely pleased, it reminded me of when I had just started watching Anime for some reasons.

    As for Katsugeki Touken Ranbu, I’ll watch it only because of Ufotable for now, since the one that aired last season wasn’t that good in my opinion (pretty boring).

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