Top 3 Favourite Final Fantasy Game

Hey up folks well I thought I’d do something a bit different. Since I’ve been blogging for a while. I never really did a fav list on anything, sure I’ve done the 30 day challenge and you got some things out of it. I however have never said what is my fav final fantasy games. I do love some JRPGs, and I’ll be lying to you in saying I’ve played tons of them, I haven’t. I have however have played the bulk of the FF series. With FF11 & 14 being the only ones. Not surprising that they are MMOs. So without further ado, here are my top 3 FF games.


01. Final Fantasy VIII

And finally we go back to the PS1 era. This one came out on the back of FFVII. FFVII certainly helped to set up the JRPG franchise on Sony’s first outing with their console. Hironobu wanted to try out a futuristic school setting, a first for the series.

So he tried out this. And well it certainly went down well. As usual you can play this game on steam or on the PSN network (I think). For those that have not played this game here is the synopsis:

The world is still reeling from the after-effects of the war with Esthar remaining closed, and the mysterious radio interference filling all frequencies with noise, rendering the technology useless. This new phenomenon, whose origin could not be discerned, further isolated the different nations who can only transmit long-distance messages via physical cables which get frequently compromised by political strife and monsters. A new military power has risen to prominence: the Garden. Built 12 years ago, Balamb Garden trains paramilitary forces who can wield a power that imitates the power of a sorceress: Para-Magic via Guardian Forces.

In terms of graphics; this game is a sight improvement from FFVII. Also this is the only game which departs from the previous installments. And that being the levelling system. What this game does is have a junction system tied to the stats instead. Where you can actually decide which area of stats you want to focus on.

There is a downside to this. In order to get high stats you have to actually draw magic out of enemies or items. The higher tier the magic, higher number the stats it would be. Also in certain cases, some mobs have guardian forces. If you don’t want to draw, then you could potentially miss them earlier on in the game. Luckily you can get them, but that is like near the end of the game.

The most iconic thing about this game is none other than; the gunblade. The signature weapon of the main lead. Squall Leonheart. Speaking of Squall..

He is my favourite character along with Zell. Them two are the opposite. One is loud, the other is quiet. But create a very close bond with each other. The least character I like is Rinoa. God she annoys me.

The story is interesting, but it gets convoluted towards the end. The signature song for this game is; Liberi Fatali. That opening is just pure epic.

02. Final Fantasy XIII saga

Okay so now, we’re jumping from the PS1 era. To the 360 / PS3 era.

SE wanted to take advantage of the capabilities of the 360 / PS3. Now most weren’t aware, but FFXIII was originally meant to be an exclusive to the PS3. However with rising costs, SE made it multiplat, so they brought the franchise over to the 360. A first for the system.

For those that haven’t played the game; you can play it on steam. I would love it if the XBone made it back compat. Here is the synopsis for the first installment:

Cocoon is a hollow floating world created thirteen centuries ago by the deity Lindzei, and is ruled by fal’Cie; godlike beings of immense power and authority. Located in Gran Pulse’s atmosphere, Cocoon is a futuristic utopian world isolated from the wilderness of the lowerworld. Cities exist on the inside of Cocoon’s shell with barriers all around, and the people are forbidden to leave Cocoon.

Now that’s just the setting of the game. The game follows Lightning. A former member of the guardian corp. She, her future brother-in law Snow, Fang, Vanille, Sazh and Hope are known as l’Cie – magic wielder. Chosen by the Fal’Cie to carry out a mission. The group are unhappy of this unwanted fate, so they do what they can to change it.

The roles in FFXIII are similar to the previous games, however they made to be more modern. And there aren’t any set roles for any of the 6 characters. However some are more suited to a certain role than others. They are; Commander, Ravager, Sentinel, saboteur, Synergist and Medic. Hope seems to be the best medic, whilst Vanille seems to be suited more as a saboteur, despite medic being one of her first roles.

However in XIII-2 there are changes to the roles played – I can’t elaborate on that since I haven’t played it. And with the last installment; Lightning returns – only light has access to different roles. And this being on what outfit she wears.

As stated above I’ve only played one third of it. And even then I’ve never finished it. Despite coming close to it once. I am thinking of playing light returns and then go backwards.

This series gets a lot of flack especially the first one. As many saw it far too linear, “on the rails”. You don’t get to explore the world or the lore of the game till much later, about a third way in to the game. The biggest complaint I have is that you don’t get much gil, this makes it extremely hard to upgrade your weapons or buy anything. It puts a strong emphasis on the roles, as they are the best way to get through the game.

I absolutely adore Lightning as a character, she is my favourite FF character. Hope at first came off as a whiny kid, but he kind of grew on me. Sazh is my second fav character.

The signature song for this game is; blinded by light. And boy hell do I love it. Light’s theme is a close second.

03. Final Fantasy IX

So FFIX is the final (no pun…or maybe intended) FF game to be on the PS1. And boy hell did SE do a job on it. Going back to its roots as to what made the FF series what it is. A pure medieval fantasy game.

Now for those that haven’t played the game, you can get it on steam or on PSN. To spare everyone the details. You can read the synopsis:

The story follows the thief Zidane, a member of the Tantalus Theater Troupe that sets out to kidnap the princess of Alexandria, Garnet Til Alexandros XVII. The war between kingdoms reveals an undercurrent plot that endangers the world of Gaia and Zidane and the friends he meets along the way become entangled in the quest to save it.

The game itself is pretty much like the previous two installments. It’s turn-based. It does have some deviants / different mechanics, but going in to that will make this blog post a little too long. So I’ll keep it short.

The characters and their job roles, pretty much hark back to some of the older installments, for example Zidane is a thief; he has all the skills of a thief with some nods to a ninja. Vivi being a black mage; self-explanatory, Steiner; the knight / magic knight if he and Vivi are in the party. Dagger; the summoner / white mage. Eiko being a full white mage w/ lower emphasis on summoning. So you get the idea.

My favourite character out of the entire roster is: Vivi. I did find Steiner annoying at first but he came quite valuable as the story progressed.

The graphics do hold up – to a certain point. Obviously it’s nowhere near as todays standards. But SE really went all out. The cut scenes were really a marvel to watch – at the time. Now every FF has a signature song(s) and for this installment it will be Daggers song; a song of memories. Some will say Melodies of life – as song of memories is the basis for it. That’s debatable.

For me I really do enjoy song of memories. As it is the first song that you hear in game. And it is just catchy.

Thanks for reading folks, leave a comment or like. Let me know which FF (if you have any) is your favourite or you’ve enjoyed playing.

12 thoughts on “Top 3 Favourite Final Fantasy Game

  1. Final Fantasy 9 is such an awesome game. It’s responsible for converting me into a JRPG fan.

    You should check out FFXIII-2. It’s a big improvement over the first game because you are given more freedom to explore.

    Although I wasn’t a fan of Zell’s personality I appreciated having him on my team cos his limit break was so OP.

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  2. I personally never liked FF8, because I’m a perfectionist. I don’t want to finish disc one until all the magic is at full, I want to draw everything that can be drawn, and I also want those enemy drops at 99. I also took way more time with that stupid card game. you can lose by luck sometimes. I never finished the game. XD

    I did finish FF9, but again, only after I got everything. That’s why I never pick up the new ones. I know I’ll be wasting too much time on it. I love the chocobo hunting in 9, a lot easier than raising them in ff7 tbh.

    As a stats guy, full grinder, my fave is FF7 and FF5. I like 7 just because I replayed the entire game just to beat Emerald weapon with no Knights of Round. I like 5 simply because I was obsessed with maxing out the job systems.

    I also like Tactics if it counts as an FF game.

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  3. I’m delighted to see Final Fantasy VIII included in your list. It is the first final fantasy that I played, and I completely agree with the cool things that game had. The gunblade was one of them and Squall really was a very cool character. Another thing that I really enjoyed in that part was the cool collectible cardgame. I really spent a lot of time playing that simple, but honestly quite fun game.
    I really liked final fantasy X as well (the first part, not the second part that changed things way too much). These days I have quit gaming alltogether (for quite a few years now), but I still enjoy reading posts like these as it brings back some great memories 😊

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  4. My favourite FF game is FFX. It was the first Final Fantasy I ever played and is one of my favourite games with great character development and plot. After X, its the underrated XII.

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  5. Oooo interesting choices!

    I really liked 13-2 but I didn’t like 13. It lost something with the linear aspects and then when you got to the free roaming bit the story was rather… confusing. As much as I loved Lightning as a character the whole l’Cie and fal’Cie thing ruined it for me. I just found the story a forgettable mess.

    8 is there in my list, and I also have 10. Yuna and Tidus were wonderful, as were the supporting cast (maybe with the exception of Rikku but even then she added something). I enjoyed 9 but, again, I can’t recall the story even though I remember the characters well enough.

    I think 12 is the most underrated. At the time of it’s release I think I was too young for the political story line and I struggled with the gambit system. I’m looking forward to the re-release in July to try it out again!

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