Resonance – 06: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

Continuing from the last episode. Mitsuya has given his love letter to Kaguya. He however didn’t stick around to find out what her answer will be. So he waited with anticipation for the answer from Kaguya. He didn’t get one immediately, however he bumped in to her on his way to work. And he is terrified of her, so he bolted it. Masashi pokes fun of Mitsuya, saying how he couldn’t handle the pressure of waiting for her answer. But encourages him to get the answer after work. Also he’d check on him to see if he has the answer the following day.

Maybe she’s read my love letter and is on her way to give me an answer!

— Mitsuya

Take, Kaguya’ grandmother wants the two together, but sees that they haven’t made much progress. The team is holding a meeting, they want to see how they can progress the learning dictionary, whilst putting the great passage on hold. Matsumoto pulls out a dictionary called Genki, a dictionary that is completed by a single person. Masashi has finally spilled the beans. He’s being transferred over to the PR department. This greatly shocks Majime. The entire team is pushed back to square one.

Point of interests:
  • Mitsuya waited all night for an answer – he went to work at 6am
  • Masashi thinks he should go get the answer from her after work – plus he’ll check on to see if Mitsuya has got the answer
  • There is some serious doubt whether the company Genbu wants to make a new dictionary

Episode 6 - 1E

Episode 6 - 1F

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