Waver – 05: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

Sorry for the hiatus on this series folks!. I’ve just been so tired and barely push out any other posts. I’m hoping to finish off this series as there isn’t much episodes left. So without further ado, lets dive in.

Mitsuya asks Masashi to help him write a love letter. This surprises Masashi. Masashi looks over Mitsuya’ feeble attempt at a love letter and sees just how badly written it is. He agrees to help him on it, just then Matsumoto walks in. Masashi notes that it isn’t their monthly meeting scheduled. Masashi wants to know what “it” is. Just then Masashi is called in to a meeting. Masashi is hit with a bombshell. He is being transferred over to the PR department. In the spring. Not only that he has to revise the Genbu Japanese learning dictionary. Alongside the great passage. He told the team they have to revise the learning dictionary, but didn’t have the heart to tell them about his transfer.

I have decided to share my feelings with Kaguya!

— Mitsuya

Araki notes that be revising the learning dictionary, they will essentially be funding themselves. Mitsuya wants to give it his all on the great passage. Matsumoto tells Mitsuya that he can gain valuable experience from doing some revised work on the learning dictionary. Masashi is shocked about the team’ willingness to do this. And then abruptly leaves the meeting, saying he has another appointment elsewhere.

Point of interests:
  • Masashi is taken back by Mitsuya’ forthcoming on his love letter to Kaguya
  • Mitsuya’ attempt at a love letter reads like a ceremonial letter
  • Masashi originally applied for the PR department but didn’t get it

Episode 5 - 1F

Episode 5 - 1E

An interesting episode. One where there is internal conflict, where a resolution is found. One without having special powers or over the top way in finding a resolution. The conflict is of course about Masashi and his up-coming transfer to the PR department.

I find it interesting, that at the beginning I always found Masashi never really interested in the whole dictionary work. He found it stuffy, boring and dry. And he’s working alongside men who are old enough to be his dad / grand dad. For a guy who is a go-getter, a man with ambition. He lost his way and just wanted out. Until he met Mitsuya.

Mitsuya without realising it, helped Masashi over come his uncertainty in his job – he now has a new zeal for it. Plus he now has someone who he can relate to, as they are similar of age. Now that he has been transferred and is unable to tell his department, it shows the contrast he had in the beginning till now. He has come to enjoy his time at the dictionary department. Speaking of Mitsuya…

That love letter of his; read like romance of the three kingdoms – Masashi actually notes this indirectly. 15 pages!!!! xDD. However Masashi found it interesting. I really like the dynamics between Masashi and Mitsuya. Two men who are the exact opposite of each other; created a friendship that will last. He doesn’t look down on Mitsuya – instead he looks up to him, for inspiration. So to help the team out and more importantly for Mitsuya, he’s going all out before he goes.

Episode Grade: B+

Word of the episode: Waver – to weave or sway unsteadily to and fro


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