Having a zero impression of a grimoire book isn’t good: Grimoire of zero first impressions

So to continue on with my first impression posts. This little show is pretty high up on my list. And yes it’s another fantasy anime. Also I re-used the image header :P.

In the world of witches, sorceress & magic. Grimoire of zero follows the story of a beastfallen without a name. He’s simply called mercenary. Beastfallen are humans cursed to have an animal appearance – in other words beast-folks. Tagging alongside him is a little witch called Zero. Who is the titular character.

Zero looks young for her age, but it seems that she is in fact much older, as it is shown that she is able to drink. Showing exceptional skills in the magical arts and having wisdom beyond her age. However living in a cave, she is naive to the world.

Her payment for hiring the mercenary is that she will turn him back in to a human. His job is to protect her from witch hunters, bounty hunters and other witches. Along with them is a young trainee male witch called Albus. Who idolizes Zero.

Together the trio are on a journey to retrieve a grimoire that has been stolen from Zero’ cave.

I really enjoy the interaction between the ever grumpy, anti-social but kind mercenary and the ever naive, but at times quick-witted Zero. It shows in a short amount of time, they built a strong bond between them. Sure Zero sometimes refers to their relationship as employer and employee. However I don’t think she truly sees it like that. As she shows inexplicable trust in him. And he..in his own way.

The running gag, which I do like is that Zero likes to sleep on mercenary’ stomach. Because she sees it as soft and warm – better than a bed. Much to the chagrin of the mercenary. Who scolds her, but then relentless. The other gag is that Zero is gluttonous. Poor mercenary. The other running gag is that Zero and Albus are the mercenary’ sex slaves. This annoys and embarrasses the mercenary.

Albus…just seems to be there to help the story move along. I really don’t see the point of him being there. The pace is nice and steady. The art is nice. Expect some dark moments since the show is done by White Fox. The studio responsible for doing Akame ga kill.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: V. Good


grimoire of zero 2

grimoire of zero 5


What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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9 thoughts on “Having a zero impression of a grimoire book isn’t good: Grimoire of zero first impressions

  1. I keep meaning to give this show a watch and then i forget about it. I’ve heard mixed things, some good some bad. I like how you went into detail about the characters relationships and how they fit in together. Great post, I’m actually really intrigued about picking this up now especially because i didn’t know it was handled by White Fox! I loved Akame ga Kill!

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  2. It sounds interesting enough. I am running behind on so many shows lately that I really have to become a little bit more selective in shows. Still, I might check this one out, or at least watch the first episode to get an impression for it. As always: great post 😊

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    1. Thanks Raistlin :D. Ah don’t worry about it, you have plenty of time to catch up. As for the show, yeah it is interesting, I did fail to mention that there isn’t much action considering it is a fantasy based anime. The slow pace is nice though.

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  3. I think what Grimoire of Zero can be and will be are still up in the air for me. I also love the relationship between the Mercenary and Zero and think Albus is just along for the ride with no purpose to him. While I enjoy the calming journey with the occasional action scene, I think it needs to set more time to really sell the importance of the Grimoire in the grand scheme of the show as it is mostly mentioned just not really given weight to give purpose to their actions. Fun and immersive world, fun characters, fun stories, just needs that hook for me.

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  4. I’m kind of finding this one a bit flat. There’s nothing overly wrong with it, but I’m not really interested in the story or characters. I’ll probably finish the season and I kind of hope it ends well, but there’s other shows I’m enjoying at the moment.

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