Having a boring girlfriend is kind of flat: Saekano Heroine no Soda b first impressions

Well howdy folks, I’ve got a first impression post for you!. And well this one is doesn’t need so much as an intro. And I actually did episode review on this anime on my old blog when season one was airing. So I’m glad it got a second season.

For those that weren’t interested back then, or haven’t seen the series. Here is a quick run down; Tomoya Aki is your eccentric otaku nut. He reveals in his status as being the top otaku in his school. He has a childhood friend called Eriri Spencer Sawamura who also attends the same high school. They were close at one point, but ever since she shunned the otaku culture way back in elementary, Tomoya and Eriri weren’t the same again. However unbeknownst to him (at the time), she is a doujin artist. And one where she is quite well-known under her pseudonym. Eriri is the artist for the group.

Then there is Utaha Kasumigaoka the school beauty. Beautiful, intelligent, unapproachable and sharp-tongued to boot. Not many boys can approach this beauty, except Tomoya. However unbeknownst to everyone (except Tomoya & the gang) she is a popular light novelist. She writes a book called metronome in love. She is the script writer for the group.

And then there is Megumi Kato. The plain beauty and the non-otaku in the group. Also she is main reason why Tomoya wanted to create a game, a visual novel in fact.

The series really makes fun of itself, and the entire otaku culture. I mean in episode 0 of season 2, they actually make fun of the criticism the first cour got. In other words, the show is self-aware of who and what it’s aiming at. So it is really nice to see a show not taking itself seriously. Whilst pandering to the very audience it pokes fun at. We do have Michieru, however she comes in sporadically and is generally seen as fan service. She is the composer for the group.

What is very obvious is that the girls have romantic feelings for Tomoya. Some more blatant than others. From the word go, Megumi’ snarky, deadpan comments, unemotional response is what makes the series what it is. That plus her ability to go unnoticed and appear stealthily. Also Megumi doesn’t keep Tomoya at arm’s length, unlike the rest of the girls.

Eriri did annoy me at first, however I found myself warming up to her now. Utaha & Megumi are pretty much a tie for being best girl. The series is making subtle nods that Tomoya has feelings for Megumi, since her beauty caught him by surprise. Fear not Utaha fans, she does have a spin-off route.

However being in a love square…isn’t going to end well. Also Tomoya has a rivalry with Iori a member of a well-known doujin circle, Rouge en rouge.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: V. Good


saekano - 1

saekano - 2


What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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3 thoughts on “Having a boring girlfriend is kind of flat: Saekano Heroine no Soda b first impressions

    1. That’s understandable. As many did have issues with the way the series was. So I don’t think the ones that did criticise it, won’t be watching the second series xDD.

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