Having a gran ol’ fantasy adventure: Granblue Fantasy first impressions

Hey up folks, I’ve got another first impression post. And it’s another fantasy based one as well. And you all know, I just love a good fantasy anime. So off we go on to this post and have a grand ol’ time reading it! – see what I did there…yes?…no?..okay.

Granblue Fantasy follows the titular character Gran. A lad who knows the way of the sword but lives with his best friend in a village – since his father is away on some adventure of his own. Typical fantasy stuff right?, well yeah you’re right in thinking that so far. Gran also has a sidekick named Vyrn. A small like dragon creature.

Now where would a fantasy story be without having a main female lead?. Meet Lyria. A young lady who is the subject of experiments from a tyrannical empire. Who isn’t aware of the world around her. And this young lady is saved by a sympathetic lieutenant – turned fugitive / traitor of the empire. Called Katalina.

Our trio tried to out run the empire, however in a fight that almost cost Gran his life, Lyria uses her magical powers to save him. And in the process uses a power once thought to have been lost. The power to summon primal beasts.

The world that Gran inhabits are on floating islands. The way everyone travels around is by airships. Very, very typical fantasy setting.

I can’t say Gran or Lyria are standing out as they are very typical for what they are for most fantasy anime. Guy meets a young lady who is in dire need and decides to help her out, only to have both of their lives intertwined with each others. Oh and save the world. Along the way met an assortment of characters sympathetic to their cause.

Katalina did get some development ie she likes small, cute, pettable animals. And she has her eyes on Vyrn. And she acts like the ‘big sister’ to Gran and more than often to Lyria. I do like her, as to why that’ll be pointed out just down below.

I love the art. And the music. The art is a reminiscent of grimgar. I think this style of art works. However from a long distance, the faces do tend to go missing. Maybe A-1 pictures have learnt a thing or two from grimgar when doing fantasy anime. The pace is nice too.

The reason why I have taken a liking to Katalina. Is not only does she act like a big sister, but here is the main reason. Her seiyuu. It’s none other than Miyuki Sawashiro. The voice of Ultear from fairy tail. Her voice has this mature, calmness to it. And she isn’t the only one who has made an appearance here. The voice of Vyrn is non-other than Rie Kugimiya – the voice of Happy.

Granblue is based off of a mobile videogame (I belive) done by Cygames. I’m surprised that they aren’t being hit by Square Enix as the primal beast that was summoned by Lyria is called Bahamut. And that is a dragon. Granted these names aren’t trade marked to them as they are based off of myths. But come on, a dragon called Bahamut?.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: Enjoyable


granblue - 3

granblue - 4

Alternatives: Re;creators, Grimoire of Zero, Grimgar of ash

What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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9 thoughts on “Having a gran ol’ fantasy adventure: Granblue Fantasy first impressions

  1. It has been a while since I have last seen a fantasy anime series. After reading this first impression post, I might just go ahead and watch this one (well after finishing a couple of shows that I still am right in the middle of). I really wish there would me more hours in a day at times 😂😂

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    1. There’s another fantasy called grimorie of zero. If you like a fantasy with a different type of lead; a beastman and a witch then check it out as well :D.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope you enjoy it Taku :D. Also I’d recommend grimorie of zero. If you like a big cuddly beastman and a cute witch.


  2. I’d really like to like this anime and there isn’t any reason to dislike it, but it is just so generic and ordinary at the moment. Kind of hoping now that things are established they might be able to start doing something with the setting and premise but it might just be happy with what it is doing.

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