To be wound up like a planet is like clockwork: Clockwork planet first impressions

The world has ended. So how do you solve this teeny little problem. By wounding up the world like it’s a clock that’s what!. Civilisation are rebuilding their lives on a world filled with large gears like structure. Humanities lives depend on the structures built, as they are the life source for their survival.

So enter Naoto Miura. A highschool boy and an inspiring clock-smith. He can work out whats wrong with a clock just by listening really carefully. However his ratio on fixing clocks are very slim to none. He’s also alone, without any friends. However that all changed when a military box with a beautiful girl, who is also an automaton drops in on him. Her name is RyuZU.

RyuZU is the automaton that is saved by Naoto. If you’ve played Nier; automata, then basically that’s what RyuZU is. An automaton that is dressed in a steam punk, gothic dress. And calls Naoto her master. And she is very devoted to him.

There is another character: Marie Bell Breguet. She comes from an esteemed family of clockwork engineers. However she looks like a little girl, with a bodyguard called Halter. And she is a geniuses.

I was hyped to see this show. However I’m slightly disappointed, as the show started….really damn slow. And maybe I’m tired or something but I’m struggling to keep an interest in it. The second episode fills in on the first episode, or rather it gives some backstory as to how Marie, Halter, Naoto and RyuZU teamed up.

To be honest the anime reminds me of a game called resonance of fate; a Sega RPG that came out at the same time as FF13. And it wasn’t polished as FF13 is. The game is set on a world where the inhabitants live on massive clock gears, sound familiar?.

As stated above, a steampunk-esqe adventure awaits however that adventure seems to struggle in keeping my attention. As usual fripside do a nice OP. The art is solid so far. A crying shame about the story, maybe it will pick up further down the line. I’ll continue to watch it, as I don’t mind a good steam punk adventure, however it won’t be as high on my watch list as it now stands (dropped down from my line-up list).

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: V. Avg


clockwork - 9

clockwork - 8


What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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7 thoughts on “To be wound up like a planet is like clockwork: Clockwork planet first impressions

  1. This was one I was looking forward to trying and then was really disappointed with the first episode. Given the number of other shows that looked more promising I dropped this (though last season I probably would have stuck with it). If it picks up, I may try watching it at the end of the season, but it really isn’t a high priority at the moment.

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    1. I know the feeling, had the same expectation as well. The show surprisingly is sitting behind AoT 2 for me. And AoT 2 had a lower watch priority.

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  2. I have seen some other first impressions for this one, and so far they all agree on one thing: it is pretty slow. Still, I do like a good steampunk style adventure, so I am planning on watching this one. The premise for this one actually sounds pretty good, and that is what has my interest for this one so far. I plan to keep my expectations for it pretty low though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts for this series 😊

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    1. Glad to know am not the only one that feels it then xDD. It could work for it or against it. I know grimgar got bashed for it, however it turned out really good. The premesis is pretty good though.

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