Fune no amu, the great passsage

Steady progress: Episode 04

Masashi comes bursting in to the office to tell everyone the grave news he over heard in the toilet. That the great passage may get cancelled. They discuss what they can do to avoid the great passage from being cancelled. Some suggestions were thrown in, including sales from their best selling dictionaries. Masashi suggests making contracts for the manuscript, basically selling the idea with a small investment to it, so that should the company shelve the dictionary it will look bad on the company. Not only that, people will lose their money. Mitsuya is impressed with the idea, but falls back in to a slump. He wants to help out his co workers.

Dictionary making costs a lot of money after all

— Masashi

But is unable to think of and even express his thoughts on the matter. Just when things couldn’t get any awkward for him at work, he faces Kaguya back at the boarding house. He explains his situation to his elderly land lady about his work problem. Strangely as Mitsuya cleans his glasses, Kaguya looks at him oddly. Araki has Mitsuya work with Matsumoto on writing the manuscript guidelines. With such enthusiasm the small team of dictionary writers get to work on saving their dictionary.

Point of interests:
  • Araki thinks of using some of the sales figures from the learning dictionary to be used as model
  • Masashi has been working the dictionary dept for the last 5 years
  • Mitsuya is still stiff around Kaguya as ever

Episode 4 - 1G

Episode 4 - 1H


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