Re-creating your own world – Re:Creators First Impressions

We all have our favourite characters, waifu / husbando from a very expansive medium. Ranging from films, books, light novels, video games and anime. So what would you do if you could bring them to life and more importantly have them in your life?.

Well that’s the very question that the ever lucky Souta Miszushino gets. A very timid, inspiring light novelist. Who gets the dreaded blue screen of death on has his tablet; okay it malfunctions and then he mysteriously gets sent in to the world of Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier, only to bring out the main character from that said world; Selesia Upitiria a magical swordswoman / princess in to reality.

Selesia looks remarkably like a character that belongs in a Tales of game. A straight up rip. In fact elemental symphony could be an homage to the series. That’s just me though. Anyway Souta and Selesia aren’t the only one that has come out of that world.

Two other characters. A young silver-haired woman in a military uniform that throws blades and can use a gun as a violin. She seems to be aware of the world that Selesia is in, and had a unusal look of recognition in the direction of Souta. And the other. Her name is Meteora who uses magical artillery, a bit like Gilgamesh gate of Babylon. She also seems to be aware of the world that she and Selesia currently live in.

Now an interesting line was said; they are in the world of gods of pleasure.

When one writes a story or draws character(s), they are a god. For they create and destroy. At the stroke of a pen/pencil.

One thing that did irk me a little, how in the hell did Selesia be able to manage to drive a car?. Sure she can pilot a massive mecha. But she is supposed to be a fictional character. So how did she quickly learn how to drive a car?.

One of the biggest pluses for this series going for is; the composer. None other than Sawano Hiroyuki. Sawano freakin Hiroyuki composing for this. I just loved the insert track played between Selesia and military girl’ fight.

It has a very good start. However I’m lowering my expectations. Because as you all know, all things that start good, end badly.

In essence, as one youtuber said. This is re;zero but reversed. With a sprinkle of fate stay night.

I am tempted to do episode reviews, but can’t be bothered.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: V. Good


recreate - 2

recreate - 5

Alternatives: Re:Zero

What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me down in the comment section!!.


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2 thoughts on “Re-creating your own world – Re:Creators First Impressions

  1. So far it has a lot of promise. I really am enjoying the animation and the fights were pretty good for an opening episode. Like you said though, something that starts off good could potentially end badly. It’s happened far too often for me with anime that I think I’m going to love, and by the end become disappointments. Thankfully this season has quite a few interesting selections. Grimoire of Zero looks like it could have quite a bit of potential as well, but I think it’s only slated for 12 episodes, so it might end up feeling rushed. And then Eromanga-Sensei is looking like it will be my guilty pleasure for this season.

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