For land, butts and glory!! Keijo Review

Howdy peeps, I know this is a late review xDD. So anyway like any first impression posts I’ve done, I won’t reiterate the details, well maybe a quick glimpse of an overview. To get a better idea of the show I’ll redirect you to the first impression post.

Cards are coming out of her butt??

— Kogatana Saya

If you’re the type that isn’t in to checking out older posts, no worries. Here’s the quick recap:

Keijo or rather hip-whip girl as it’s also known focuses on 4 girls; Kaminashi Nozomi, Kazane Aoba, Sayaka Mizata & Non Toyoguchi. These 4 girls enter a fictional sport called Keijo. A female only sport. The object of the sport is to use their butts & boobs as weapons to knock off your opponent of a floating platform also known as an island.

Later on they have a competition with a rivaling school Suruga keijo training school. This came to be known as the East v West war. It’s a 4 v 4 tournament where each player tries to knock each other off the island or just incapacitate them. After they graduate from their respective schools, they become qualified Keijo players


  • The characters – all of them have their own personalities – except for one
  • Use of their most valued assests – their boobs and butts.
  • The dynamics between the Nozomi and Saya. They struck up a good friendship
  • It plays on the fanservice without any reservations – ladies you had Yur(ao)i on ice – no complaining!
  • The comedy used is just hilarious: Gate of bootylon (yes you read that correctly) and attack on hip – I just laughed at them
  • It doesn’t take itself seriously
  • Aoba & Shirayuki “missle butt” Kyoko are best girls – well I think so
  • That butt vacum from Nozomi, also Saya giving herself a wedgie in order to learn a new moveset
  • OP/ED is pretty good
  • The art is consistently good
  • The curriculum used in the show – xDD
  • The attacks used through out the show


  • The show isn’t for everyone
  • Non Toyaguchi is just your typical useless air head
  • Fanservice can hinder development of the characters
  • Not enough development was put on their rivals – students from Suruga Keijo training school

Overall Grade: B+


3 thoughts on “For land, butts and glory!! Keijo Review

  1. Lol, I liked that breakdown of positives. Not unsurprisingly, it seems like you found that this was better than it seemed like it would be. Not sure I’ll ever get around to it, but it’s nice to give things a chance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, so long you don’t take it seriously, it’s pretty enjoyable xDD. The last long review was on erased, I don’t think many read it because it is long.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know the feeling 😀 Some shorter articles every once in a while helps get readers coming to your blog more frequently. They might be more willing to read a long one every once in a while after that.

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