Fune no amu, the great passsage

Love: Episode 03

Mitsuya is enthralled by the beauty of the lady who is bathed in the moonlight on the balcony. But then passes it off as a dream, only to find out the beauty isn’t a dream. The young lady introduces herself as Kaguya Hayashi. The land lady’ granddaughter. Mitsuya is struggling to speak a single word to her. He walks to work with his head held in shame. He has an air of depression. And questions his shyness. Masashi sees Mitsuya walking all depressed. When at work he sees a different Mitsuya. Masashi mentions the word precocious; when Mitsuya gives its use and definitions.

You came to get me

— Kaguya

Masashi at first thinks its weird that Mitsuya took the word from his story. However, with a glare from Mitsuya. Masashi gets in to his work and helps out Mitsuya. Masashi notes that Mitsuya is born to work on dictionaries. Hilariously Mitsuya has a brain freeze and questions his shyness again. When Masashi looks at the word that Mitsuya highlighted, realises instantly that his co-worker is love struck. And decides that he’ll help out his new co-worker in his love life.

Point of interests:
  • Kaguya is training to be a Japanese chef
  • Mitsuya is shy around her. Undoubtedly he is attracted to her
  • He’s depressed that he is shy and can’t say whats on his mind

Episode 3 - 1B

Episode 3 - 1H


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