Love – 03: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

Mitsuya is enthralled by the beauty of the lady who is bathed in the moonlight on the balcony. But then passes it off as a dream, only to find out the beauty isn’t a dream. The young lady introduces herself as Kaguya Hayashi. The land lady’ granddaughter. Mitsuya is struggling to speak a single word to her. He walks to work with his head held in shame. He has an air of depression. And questions his shyness. Masashi sees Mitsuya walking all depressed. When at work he sees a different Mitsuya. Masashi mentions the word precocious; when Mitsuya gives its use and definitions.

You came to get me

— Kaguya

Masashi at first thinks its weird that Mitsuya took the word from his story. However, with a glare from Mitsuya. Masashi gets in to his work and helps out Mitsuya. Masashi notes that Mitsuya is born to work on dictionaries. Hilariously Mitsuya has a brain freeze and questions his shyness again. When Masashi looks at the word that Mitsuya highlighted, realises instantly that his co-worker is love struck. And decides that he’ll help out his new co-worker in his love life.

Point of interests:
  • Kaguya is training to be a Japanese chef
  • Mitsuya is shy around her. Undoubtedly he is attracted to her
  • He’s depressed that he is shy and can’t say whats on his mind

Episode 3 - 1B

Episode 3 - 1H

Pretty good episode. The whole episode focused on the emotional state of Mitsuya. Who is undoubtedly love struck. I do find it a bit clichéd that he finds the potential love interest under the moon light on a balcony. Very…urm romantic?. At least it ain’t bumping in to each other at the grocery store. That would have killed it for me. Also how big was that moon anyway?.

I will say that Mitsuya has good taste. Kaguya is a knock out. Quite interesting that she is training to be a Japanese chef. It seems that profession is mostly male dominated.

Masashi confirming that Mitsuya is a virgin. Is something. His reaction was just funny. Poor Mitsuya. Having his sex life thrown out in the office like that. I do find it hilarious how Araki and Masumoto make fun of Masashi and his work ethic. They praise him more on his ability to pick out good things like restaurants and drinks but think his work is shoddy.

Also Mitsuya wants to be more confident like Masahi. Masashi takes this as a compliment. Masashi, who is a slacker for the first time found working on the dictionary fun. And not a chore. This may have something to do with the fact they are both in the same age range. So they can relate to each other. As Masashi before Mitsuya’ recruitment, was the only young one there.

What is noticeable is that the entire dictionary team are technological illiterate. Yup in the 21st century they are incapable of using modern tech.

Episode Grade: B+

Word of the episode: Love – a feeling of strong or constant affection for someone.


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