Encounter – 02: Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage)

Majime is meeting his colleagues at a bar. As they are all welcoming him to the department. Nishioka, the man who Majime first met in the first episode is being a smartass. Majime spots a list that Matsumoto carries around with him. It’s a list of words that Matsumoto makes whenever a word interests him. Mitsuya accidentally overflows Sasaki’ Kaoru glass. Majime is asked what the word ‘dog’ means to him. Araki is mightily impressed with his new protege. Nishioka just wants to have fun. Majime admits that he rarely has friends / stays in contact with anyone. And that he enjoys watching people going up escalators.

Nishioka is… well as you can see

— Araki

Matsumoto’ biggest desire is to creat a dictionary that is concise, understandable and one where words will reach others with more clarity. Thus he calls it the great passage. Araki is exasperated with Nishioka’ antics. The following day Majime starts his new position in dictionary department. He is to gather words from any sources and make a list of it. Araki gives Majime some simple entry words to begin with. They plan to use 230,000 words for the great passage. However they will narrow down words they will include by using a system they invented. Whilst Nishioka is wondering how long the dictionary will take to create, Majime is looking forward to working on it.

Point of interests:
  • Matsumoto makes a list of words that interest him – he’s been doing it for years
  • Majime has a major in linguistics
  • Nishioka asks Majime if he has a girl friend  – even offers to set him up if he hasn’t

Episode 2 - 2D

Episode 2 - 2E

Well this episode focused pretty much Majime and his new co workers. And his new work place. We finally meet the big mouth Nishioka, the man that reprimanded Mitsuya in the first episode. He is about the same age as Majime. However this is where the biggest differences are between the two of them.

Nishioka is; social, open (at times brash), knows how to get work done. But more importantly is confident. Which is the exact opposite of Majime.

As stated in the first episode. Majime is; quiet, lonesome, awkward in social situations. He is good at one-to-one conversations, whilst Nishioka can talk to a crowd. So it will be interesting to how the two will get along. Oh to point out, Majime has a degree in lingustics. No wonder he is so keen on words!.

What astounded me was that Majime and co are aiming for a 230k word dictionary. That is quite something. What is even more astonishing is that the reference room holds about 900k words. I do agree with what Matsumoto said. Words are something that reach people. It helps us to understand each other.

I’ll admit the escalator story that Majime told was pretty much lost on me. However it supposed to represent that everything has a place in the world and that it should be orderly or something like that.

The title for this episode is encounter. Which is quite fitting and pretty much forebodes whats in store for Majime. As he meets a beautiful woman standing on a balcony under the moon. Who has his cat in her arms (I want his cat).

I really enjoyed this episode. It is slow-paced and gives just enough room for characterisation.

Episode Grade: B+

Word of the episode: Encounter – to meet without expecting to or intending too.


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