Blessing a wonderful world is not a blessing after all: Konosuba review

For this review I’ll be covering both seasons of KonoSuba. Now we all dream of having a fantasy adventure. One that is in an exotic place, meeting exotic people, locations etc. It’s rather odd that a shut-in NEET Kazuma Sato gets this little adventure. After dying a pathetic death and going to the after life, he gets the chance to meet Aqua. A goddess – the goddess of water and purification. However, things don’t go according to Kazuma’ liking. After all things can’t any worse when you have an energetic goddess with you, right?.

If nothing praiseworthy comes to mind, don’t force it

— Kazuma

Kazuma as stated above is a dead beat shut in NEET. One who doesn’t put much effort in to anything. So when he “tragically” died. In the most comical of ways. He wasn’t too impressed upon meeting Aqua. Who mocked his death and just generally infuriates him. So what does he do?. Well he drags Aqua along with him to the magical world of Axis.

There he finds just how “useless” Aqua really is. Just how bad his “luck” really is, even though he has an absurd amount of it. He also meets two other party members. Megumin a spellcaster. Who will only cast one magic spell: explosion – only once, before tiring out. And then there is Darkness; a masochist crusader. Who gets turned on by the mere thought of being violated. From there, he finds out just how how hard, hard work really is. And then some.


  • The dynamics between the four characters – their interactions is done really well
  • Art and OST
  • Comedy is done with aplomb – couldn’t stop laughing … however
  • Kazuma’ ability to think outside of the box to every situation he finds himself in
  • The girls inability to actually realise that they are the main cause for all the hardships for Kazuma – which adds to the likeability to the characters
  • Kazuma comes across as someone who wants to avoid hard work, but can actually put in the effort when he wants too – he isn’t your typical MC basically
  • The RPG fantasy world
  • The episode count is short – however it fills in as much info as it can


  • Comedy becomes pretty repetitive. Especially during the second season.
  • The world isn’t filled out as such
  • Aqua can be quite clingy & useless
  • Darkness need to be “violated” isn’t that funny after awhile
  • Fanservice is kept to a minimum during the first season but quite frequent during the second
  • It needs another season to continue or conclude

Overall Grade: B


7 thoughts on “Blessing a wonderful world is not a blessing after all: Konosuba review

  1. I only tried one episode of season 1 and it really didn’t seem like my thing so I walked away. I have enjoyed keeping up with everyone else’s reviews though as hearing about this show is pretty funny.

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    1. It’s funny. The second season I felt it came abit repetitive. Even with the supposed “rival” for Megumin it didn’t make it as funny as the first season.

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  2. I am not such a big fun of comedy, but this does sound like a show that is worth checking out at least. The concept sounds pretty funny I have to admit. It is a shame that the series has not yet had a conclusion. That seems to be a trend these days, as there are so many Animeseries that apparently feel the need to leave every storyline unfinished. Great review! 😀

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    1. Thanks :D. Yeah, I guess it really depends on the source material. And how well it does. This is surprising considering just how much flack studio Deen gets.

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