Sins of an angel becomes a shut-in ergoe illustrator!

Hey up folks another Spring line up posting. And this one is…well. This one is, I’d say fan service galore?. Sin kind of looks interesting, but at the same time off putting. Ero…well the less said the better. As it looks pretty much generic like Masamune revenge.

sin Nanatsu no Taizai

Studio: TNK | Director: Yoshimoto, Kinji | Air date: 15/04/2017

Trailer link:

Synopsis: In the story, the prideful archangel Lucifer disobeys God and is cast into the lowest level of hell as a fallen angel. On her way to hell, Lucifer happens to meet a high school girl on Earth named Maria, who helps her. In hell, Lucifer meets Leviathan, and Leviathan explains to Lucifer about The Seven Deadly Sins, the seven demon king rulers of hell. After The Seven Deadly Sins seal Lucifer’s powers, Lucifer goes on a journey with Maria and Leviathan to defeat them.

Priority: Low

eromanga sensei

Studio: A-1 Pictures | Director: Takeshita, Ryouhei | Air date: 09/04/2017

Trailer link:

Synopsis: The “new sibling romantic comedy” revolves around Masamune Izumi, a light novel author in high school. Masamune’s little sister is Sagiri, a shut-in girl who hasn’t left her room for an entire year. She even forces her brother to make and bring her meals when she stomps the floor. Masamune wants his sister to leave her room, because the two of them are each other’s only family.

Masamune’s novel illustrator, penname “Ero Manga Sensei,” draws extremely perverted drawings, and is very reliable. Masamune had never met his illustrator, and figured he was just a disgusting, perverted otaku. However, the truth is revealed … that his “Ero Manga Sensei” is his own younger sister! To add to the chaos that erupts between the siblings, a beautiful, female, best-selling shōjo manga creator becomes their rival!

Priority: Low

Let me know as to what you think of the Spring / Summer anime lineup, down below!.


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