Having an adventure in a dungeon is a fantasy come true!

Well, well looks like the Spring / Summer line up posts are still coming!. And this time it is an all out fantasy bonanza!!. First up we have the spin-off to what is possibly the longest title for an anime show. Thank god it’s shortened to danmachi. This one focuses on not our over powered but average Bell Crane or the tiny, but ever busty goddess with a blue ribbon that actually supports her overly large bosom Hestia!. But rather Bell’ love interest Aiz. The super powered swords-woman. And then we have a video game adapt. Well a cell phone game. Granblue fantasy. I haven’t seen the first two epi (yet), so I can’t say how it is. It came out at the beginning of this year though.

Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

Studio: J.C Staff | Director: Suzuki, Youhei   | Air date: 15/04/2017

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_25Ar-rS-C4

Synopsis: Sword princess Aiz Wallenstein. Today, once again, the strongest female swordsman heads to the giant labyrinth known as the “Dungeon” along with her allies. On the 50th floor where mysteries and threats such as a decayed dragon’s corpse that crumbles to ash and an irregularity that creeps ever closer to the party loom, Aiz calls for the wind and heads deeper into the darkness of the Dungeon. Eventually, she finds herself meeting a boy for the first time. “Um, are you OK?” In the Labyrinth City of Orario, the contrasting stories of the boy and the girl intersect!

Priority: Medium


Studio: A-1 | Director: Itoh, Yuuki | Air date: 02/04/2017

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_q9-hQUC6w

Synopsis: Video game developer Cygames announced during the Tokyo Game Show event on Thursday that its Granblue Fantasy smart phone game will receive an anime adaptation.

The first two episodes premiered on January 21st as a special.

Priority: Mid-High

Let me know as to what you think of the Spring / Summer anime lineup, down below!.


5 thoughts on “Having an adventure in a dungeon is a fantasy come true!

  1. Cool, being a fan of fantasy in general, it is nice to see that there are some fantasy Animeseries heading our way again. And dungeon crawlers are always fun to watch. Adding these to my already way too long to watch list 😊

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  2. While I’m looking forward to more of Aiz, part of me is disappointed that we haven’t got a continuation of Bell’s story given I desperately want to know what happens with him next. Still, I loved the world the stories are based in so any excuse to revisit it will work for me. I just hope they manage to capture the sense of fun and adventure that came through in the original.

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