When two colossal powers collide this spring

Howdy everyone as you can probably tell this is the first post for this years Spring / Summer anime lineup. And to kick off this post what better way than to have two very big franchises. One that has eagerly been awaited upon since its 2013 conclusion and the other from last year I believe. I have lost a bit of interest in AoT. And I haven’t seen hero academia yet. However that shouldn’t put you peeps off.

Also no trolling each other!! (look at the airing dates).

Shingeki no Kyojin

Studio: Wit Studio | Director: Koizuka, Masahi | Air date: 01/04/2017

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8IthrzLP94

Synopsis: The second season of Shingeki no Kyojin. Eren Jaeger swore to wipe out every last Titan, but in a battle for his life he wound up becoming the thing he hates most. With his new powers, he fights for humanity’s freedom facing the monsters that threaten his home. After a bittersweet victory against the Female Titan, Eren finds no time to restโ€”a horde of Titans is approaching Wall Rose and the battle for humanity continues!

Priority: Medium

Boku no Hero Academia 2

Studio: Bones | Director: Nagasaki, Kenji | Air date: 01/04/2017

Trailer link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEPneR3KFK8

Synopsis: The second season of Boku no Hero Academia.

Priority: Medium

Let me know as to what you think of the Spring / Summer anime lineup, down below!.

11 thoughts on “When two colossal powers collide this spring

  1. I’m really looking forward to My Hero Academia. I absolutely loved the first season and while I was never big on Shonen type shows, I can’t deny how much fun they can be. Especially since Naruto was my gateway anime back in the good ‘ol days of Toonami, and this made me slightly reminiscent of it. Attack on Titan will be good to see as well, but being one of the only manga that I’m actually caught up on, it’s going to be weird going in already knowing what will happen. As for the rest of Spring, I’m really apprehensive about Berserk since that is one of the other few manga that I have actually read, and was quite disappointed with last years iteration of it. I know I’ll still watch it, but I’m really dreading it at the same time.

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    1. Berserk left a lot of peeps disappointed, so it will be interesting as to how peeps take to the second one. I know what happens in AoT up to a certain point, then pretty much left it. As Eren just annoyed me so much. It will be intriguing though, how others will react to it.


  2. Soooooo looking forward to Attack on Titan season 2. Really can’t wait for it ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š I hope Crunchyroll will pick it up in Europe though…keeping my fingers crossed for it ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. It will besides, Naruto being a major source of traffic for them. AoT is a major coup for them last time. So no way will they miss out on it. The wait if over for anime watchers. Plenty of reveals for you guys!!.

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    1. xDD, yeah glad you noticed the date too. I’m not to sure what Boruto is all about, since I’m not a Naruto fan xDD. Yah, such ignorance xDD. I assume it has some connections to it.

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      1. Haha well, Boruto is pretty much a sequel to the Naruto series but focuses on the new characters. I made a mistake, I think it’s on April 5th. Don’t worry about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. There’s a lot of sequels coming and also quite a few new titles that I’m kind of excited for. Normally I haven’t looked at what is coming in the next season this early on (however my lack of enthusiasm for the current season has had me scrolling through next season’s titles). I’ll be checking out Attack on Titan 2 for sure (particularly now I know it is coming out on AnimeLab so I will definitely have access). Second season of My Hero Academia and the next season of Natsume Yuujinchou (again, assuming access) are also both on my list. Then I just have a massive number of shows to check out. Really looking forward to the next season.

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    1. Yeah plenty of sequels xDD. I’ll be passing on Natsume. Wasn’t too happy with it, if I do change my mind. It won’t be that high on my watch list. Same with AoT 2. I’m looking forward to saekano 2. I enjoyed that series, despite it getting bashed. Will look forward to your posts on the said anime! :D.

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