The state of exclusives on the Xbone

Howdy peeps, well this editorial is a late one. As you probably read from the previous post as to whether or not MS owns other IPs. Well if you haven’t heard, at the beginning of this year MS cancelled Platinum Games Scalebound. A console exclusive on the XB1 platform (it’s part of the play anywhere programme). And much long-awaited one too. As it was one of the few anticipated AAA games that was meant to be coming out this year for the Xbone. Even though it is was originally pegged as a 2016 game.

The cancellation no doubt came to a massive shock to most xbone owners myself included, with little reason being told as to why it was cancelled – from the offset it seemed to be nearing completion. However….that wasn’t the case. Reports were coming in that the game was in fact far from near completion. And that PG were missing deadlines and milestones. Some say MS weren’t helping the situation, with their attitude. To be fair this type of attitude has happened before. Back during the original xbox era, MS contacted Level 5 studios (the ones that made Ni no kuni, rogue galaxy) to make a fantasy game, they complied however MS also wanted it to have multiplayer – since XBL was going to be the main thing for the system. Level 5 had no experience in making games like that. So they struggled immensely. Plus MS and Lvl 5 had different work ethics and culture. In short the game got canned.

The cancellation no doubt came to a massive shock to most xbone owners

This also left Lvl 5 with a sour taste in their mouths stating: that they are never going to work with MS ever again. This was over a decade ago. Fast forward to the early 360 era. MS made great progress by getting some of the big hitters in JRPG. Including the father of final fantasy – Hironobu Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi and his brand new studio Mistwalker studio made two games exclusive for the 360: blue dragon and lost odyssey. Both still remembered with fondness. In essence the 360 wasn’t short of exclusives in the early life cycle of the system. However what most remember – is in fact the latter years. Where exclusives were scarce. Where all that was being pumped out for it is; shooter, racers and multiplat.

So where does this leave the xbone now and the exclusives?. Well for starters they have indeed cut down on shooters and racers. This is pretty clear when you see the consoles line up. It’s more diverse but shorter in comparison to their leading competitor the PS4. Who are pumping out some really great exclusives and throwing them over the wall. From last to this year.

Fast forward to the early 360 era. MS made great progress by getting some of the big hitters in JRPG

When asked again; where does this leave the xbone now. It’s a tough one for this year. The reason?. They are being tight lipped. Sure they have to focus on the Scorpio. The most powerful console. Which is being revealed at this years E3. The reason why they are being tight lipped – is due to the fact that they want to avoid leaks. This is understandable, but detrimental at the same time. So what games are coming out for the xbone this year;

Sea of thieves (a brand new IP from Rare), State of decay 2, Crack down, the most ambitious indie game ever – Cuphead (click on the image, it will take you to the trailer video), Phantom dust remaster – a remake was in development but got canned

Halo Wars 2 (an RTS) which has just came out now and here is something that was announced pretty quietly. It’s a game that came out for the original xbox. A game that is very underrated for its time. Most won’t even remember or even know about it. Meet the original sack boy, Voodoo Vince. Yes it is a remaster, do the same with cuphead to check out the video.

Now barring Vince, the afore-mentioned games should have come out during 2015 or 2016. However they all got pushed back. And are coming out this year. If they didn’t push back the line-ups, you can bet your bottom dollar that the line-up would be a lot more scarce for this year.

To note Phil has gone to Japan for a meeting with 3 publishers. Just who and what games are they planning on bringing to the Xbone  / scorpio. Remains to be seen.

Anyway I’m not going to keep this post any longer. For those that want to skip the long post here:


MS have done some damage by cancelling scalebound. However with the up-coming titles, it should placate the disgruntlement from the fans. And with unannounced titles – hinted at by Spencer – and the reveal of Scorpio. There is some hope that the xbone will meet everyone’s gaming needs.


4 thoughts on “The state of exclusives on the Xbone

  1. This is one of the reasons I’m so glad I went PS4 over Xbox One. Granted, it probably has more to do with the fact that I’ve always went Playstation ever since the original. But it saddens me that Xbox keeps continually being shafted when it comes to exclusives. Exclusives are one of the biggest draws when it comes to deciding on a console, and I feel like they’re losing out on so many buyers when they cancel on exclusives like Scalebound.

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    1. Tbf the xbox one does have exclusives, just it being “console exclusives” ever since they introduced the play anywhere scheme. The PS4 does have a few console exclusives as well. I do agree though, exclusives are the main draw that help to decide on a console – not completly though. They probably have, so if they want to turn around this sparse line up that they created – then they better pull a rabbit out of the hat in E3. Something to note – they are doing their presentation on a Sunday, not on a Monday.


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