Fune no amu, the great passsage

Vastness: Episode 01

Two gentlemen are discussing what is the first dictionary they ever had. Araki is leaving the dictionary editorial department due to his wife’ condition. But not before vowing to find a successor to help out his colleague in the editorial department. Mitsuya Majime (our main lead) is introducing himself to the book store. And thanks the store owner for stocking up on Genbu’ products, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by other people though. One of Mitsuya’ colleague apologies for Mitsuya’ behaviour.

I promise to find my successor before I retire

— Araki

His colleague wanted to tell Mitusya that during his sales call rounds, he shouldn’t be carrying a rival store bag. Otherwise they wouldn’t take him as seriously. His colleague notices that Mitsuya takes interest in to what he said “read the air”. Mitsuya pretty much lives on his own, however he does have a nice land lady. Araki is still on the hunt and he isn’t giving up till he finds his successor. Till he finds his man.

Point of interests:
  • Dictionaries have their own characteristics and meanings of words – no dictionary are the same
  • Mitsuya Majime works for Genbu publishing
  • Mitsuya is a shy, introverted, socially awkward, person – who just happens to a bibliophile & he has a cat called tiger

Episode 1 - 1B

Episode 1 - 1C


7 thoughts on “Vastness: Episode 01

    1. It pretty much went under the radar. Even though I had this tagged, i completely forgot about it. By the time I came to it, the airing to this pretty much ended. It’s fairly short, only has 11 episodes. It is slow, so if you don’t mind it – it is a joy to watch. Thanks Raist :D, I also enjoy your reviews too!!.

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  1. I’ve always been curious about this anime. Maybe when I finally catch up with everything I can check it out! I’m glad someone I know is watching it and writing about it. thanks for the insight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A very under rated gem from last season. It’s very short as well, even shorts has more episodes; passage has only 11, so you should be able to watch it at a relatively quick pace.

      Liked by 1 person

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