Life is a like a sweet shop: Dagashi Kashi mini review

Now this anime aired last January. And I did a first impression on it. Which you can read the post here if you like. So to do a review on it a year later – well better late than never I suppose xDD. There will a slight different approach I’ll be taking upon this mini review post.

But this one has a tough lid, so it keeps everyone out of it

— Hotaru Shidare

I’m not going to regurgitate the majority of what I wrote from the first impression post. Rather I encourage you, the readers to (re)read the first impression post as it gives out the essential information on this particular anime. As not much of the shows first impression has changed. However if you can’t be bothered then here is the quick run down on the show.

Kokonotsu “coconuts” Shikada is an aspiring mangaka. His family runs a small candy store in a small rural village. Unbeknownst to him, his father is a well-known candy maker. Hotaru Shidare is not your ordinary girl. She has a massive sweet tooth and is a sweet enthusiast who just happens to be the daughter of a famous sweet company owner. She has come to the shop to recruit coconuts dad. However to convince coconuts dad to leave the shop, she has to convince coconuts to take over the shop in his stead.


  • The OP / ED
  • Characters are consistent – the main focus is on only on 4 characters
  • Hotaru’ quirky / eccentric personality
  • Sweets – that can be found in Japan
  • Hotaru isn’t aware of her appeal
  • Episodic nature
  • Quirky nature of the show makes it unique
  • Light hearted
  • Hotaru uses of sweet allegory to make her points
  • Hotaru’ love of sweets and knowledge on them is almost unrivaled – only coconuts gives her a run for her money
  • The bad luck that Hotaru has in comparison to Saya who always has the best of luck


  • Characters don’t develop at all – well maybe Coconuts (to a little extent)
  • The quirky humour might not be for everyone
  • The art style
  • Product placement – namely sweets that actually exist in Japan
  • It can be nonsensical
  • How coconuts dad is a top candy maker is never explained
  • Use of sweets for metaphors, allegory can be confusing or just utter nonsense

Overall Grade: B-


16 thoughts on “Life is a like a sweet shop: Dagashi Kashi mini review

  1. I think this one might be quite similar to Amaama to Inazuma, but maybe instead of family dynamics you get some romance between Coconuts and Hotaru? Which doesn’t sound bad to me at all! Lack of character development bugs me, though.
    I do like sweets (as you can tell by my blog) so I have to say I’m inclined to watch this all the same hahaha
    Great review! I like how you describe the positives/negatives so concisely as it makes for a really quick but comprehensive read 🙂

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    1. Sorry for the late reply. It’s implied that coconuts has some attraction to Hotaru. But it is never explored or explained. Not quite, amaama to inazuma is about single parent raising his daughter & having a good wholesome family meal. This one focuses on 4 teenagers and sweets that can be found in Japan. The humour is pretty much an aquired one, as it is pretty quirky – however the show is enjoyable enough if you can get past it. And thanks!! :D. I’m glad you found it concise and quick to read :).

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  2. Yes I never finished this one. Even though I thought the characters were so precious. I couldn’t let go of that piece of me that wanted them to grow or have more development of a story. So I’ll have to go back to it when I’m in the mode for nothing more than enjoyment.

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    1. Hotaru really won it for me. She is the main reason why the show is the way it is. I did think she was high on sugar though xDD. Yeah it is a tough series to watch as it is very quirky. Hope you enjoy it :D.

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  3. The OP is cool. I like the Star Wars/Indiana Jones references. That poor goldfish needs a bigger bowl though.

    I think I would enjoy this series, although as someone with a sweet tooth seeing delicious candy that isn’t easy to buy over here would be torture.

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    1. Yeah the goldfish does need a bigger bowl xDD. I should have put the ending too, Hotaru’ little jig is pretty good xDD. Didn’t think about that, good spot!!. I don’t have a sweet tooth … maybe sweet pastries like cinnamon swirls. Do they count?.

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  4. I recently finished this series (in spite of watching the first few episodes when it was airing, I lost steam). Weirdly, I actually found all the Japanese sweets mentioned the most interesting part of the series. It’s unusual to see real products featured in an anime, and while in some ways it could be considered 6 hours of product placement, the trivia was fascinating to me. I’m almost insatiably curious when it comes to trivia (especially fun food facts), so I’m probably the exception and not the rule.

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    1. The food trivia were interesting, so you’re not alone there. Those that do love sweets / candy this will be like heaven for a dentist … a living nightmare. Dem cavaties!! xDD. Quite a lot of people lost interest in this anime, so am surprised you managed to finish it after losing steam xDD. Whenever I lose steam I tend to drop or stall on it (mostly drop it).


  5. I didn’t mind an episode or two of this. It wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t bad. But then it just kind of rolled out the same formula episode after episode. I don’t think I actually got to the end of the series in the end, though that is fairly standard for me with comedy or slice or life. I just get tired of watching very little happen and find a reason to not go back.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. The end was quite interesting. Hotaru used a sweet tin to try and make coconuts understand what she was trying to do – however not everyone will get what she means. Yeah this anime isn’t for everyone, you pretty much have to enjoy the quirky nature of the show otherwise most will lose interest.

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  6. I tried to enjoy this one when it aired but unfortunately the Japanese food references proved to be a cultural barrier since knowing them was the key to understanding the comedy. I imagine it’s a lot better when that’s not a factor.

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