Izetta 12: Izetta the last witch

As the Germanians await to launch their powerful missile. Sophie and Izetta have a showdown. Both on equal footing this time. Sophie feels like she is seeing her past, naive self. In comparison to her current embittered self. Meanwhile Fine and co are making their way to the meeting being held. However they were held up, so they made a daring attempt to get to the meeting. During the attempt, Berkman decides that his part has come to an end. And flees, leaving Sieg and co to deal with the guards. The battle between Sophie and Izetta is intense, both throwing plane and tanks at each other.

I swore that I’d protect Eylstadt, no matter what!

— Izetta

Both witches are fighting at full power, not even the planes can keep up with their speed. Meanwhile Otto thinks the world is within his grasp. At the conference, blackmailing from the Germanians continue. Berkman tries to flee the country only to get shot. Fine comes in to the meeting thanks to the distraction from Sieg. The decisive battle between Sophie and Izetta neared its conclusion.

Point of interests:
  • Sophie is needed to guide the missiles
  • Izetta & Sophie go all out
  • The death of Otto is a nod to Hitler

Izetta - 12M

Izetta - 12X1

A big thank you to you the readers / commentators for following this series episode review. I do know that the series ended a while back, and it isn’t “hot” now. When I first did episode reviews I actually did keep up with the airing of the shows. However in due time, I made the conscious decision that I’ll do episode reviews in my own time. This also gave content to you guys at a steady pace. So thank you.

Well it is the finale of Izetta. And boy heck the way the series ended is a let down for me. The way the episode implied is that Izetta would not survive. Even Fine implies this. However the ending …. did a 180 on that front. And that annoyed me. The writers should not be afraid of killing off one of their main leads. Instead we end with a bitter-sweet ending. One on how it all began and ended. At least show her damn face, not just her flippin forehead!.

I liked the way Sophie and Izetta where just flinging things at each other, heck even the Eiffel tower was thrown and then obliterated. That got a chuckle out of me.

Did karma finally catch up with Sieg?. Yes it did, a shame really as he is one of the more interesting characters.

I loved the nod from Otto as to how Hitler died.


Even though the ending left me disappointed. I am sad that this series has ended. It really was a journey for me. One that I enjoyed watching & writing about it. I know this series became a let down for some. And that’s fine (no pun intended). I enjoyed the references to WWII. And seeing the “what if” sceanrio being played out.

Again thanks for reading. And here is the final grading for this episode. And I’ve thrown in a bonus.

Episode Grade: B-

What are your thoughts of the episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.



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4 thoughts on “Izetta 12: Izetta the last witch

  1. I was interested to know what you thought of this. For me the WWII stuff was definitely a large part of the draw, but I have to agree that there were a lot of disappointing aspects to it as well.

    Otto really did just end up being a Hitler stand-in didn’t he? Even with the Germanian Empire looking more like Germany’s monarchical forefathers than anything else.

    I don’t know how much actually killing Izetta would do for the series either to be honest. Everything about her connection to Fine was done through some short flashbacks, so we never got a really clear sense of what Izetta meant to her, but it would have been a fitting end too since she absorbed the whole world’s magic and there’s no real place for her in the story after that.

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    1. Yeah pretty much. It is an alt history, so those that don’t or didn’t care for much history during WWII pretty much ignored it xDD. Izetta never liked killing but she had to kill for her sake as well as Fine. I think it was touched upon in episode 2. Fine had a pic of herself & Izetta on her desk. That shot would have ended it nicely, as Fine still continues (or struggles) to fulfil her promise to Izetta on world peace. But nope, we get one that has her going back to the place where she first met Izetta fast forwarded 3 years later.
      Thanks for the comment too :D.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was fairly disappointed with Izetta, though that was mostly my own fault for getting very high expectations after episode 1. It was perfectly watchable even if I really didn’t care for Sophie as an antagonist. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this series.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s understandable for having high expectations esp when the series pretty much ran out the door full throttle. Only to have chuggered mid-latter half. I did feel that Sohpie was just something that the writters felt they need to “balance” out Izetta. Otherwise as we’ve both have said – it would have been a one sided thing. glad you’ve stuck it out :D. I’m such a lazy one xDD.

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