Finé 11: Izetta the last witch

Sieg recounts the story as to how Eylstadt betrayed Sophie by giving her up to the inquistion. And the breaking of the stone symbolised that betrayal. The scorned witch vowed her vengence upon the nation. The Germainians along with Berkman investigate the old castle that held the shine to Sophie. Berkman also visited the grave of Rickert. The Germanians also find the base where Fine and the others have hauled themselves away at. And go ahead in trying to capture Fine. Berkman volunteered that he would be the one to identify her. Since her met her twice.

The shattered magic stone was like a symbol of our country’s betrayal of its hero

— Sieg

The Germanians use some captured soldiers to lure out Fine. Just when things look dire for Fine. Izetta (along with Sieg) turns up wearing the other half of the magical stone. And saves Fine and the rest of the group from the Germanians. Knowingly that the stone will shorten her life, Izetta much to Bianca’ protestations wields the power to help Fine and the others win the fight against the Germanians. Berkman shoots his superior as he knows that he is in the firing line to be executed. So Berkman turns traitor to his nation and surrenders to the mercy of Eylstadt.

Point of interests:
  • Sophie was handed to the inquisition – it was there that her hatred for Eylstadt came to be
  • The magical stone shortens the wears life – but gives tremendous power boost
  • Germanians SS – Germanians Secret Service

Izetta - 11A

Izetta - 11B

First off I have to say that the choice of images used is my fault. I deleted the bulk of them for this episode, not realising that I haven’t uploaded them to my flickr. So I just rushed it and picked two.

On to the penultimate episode!!!. Where all the set pieces are in motion. I did find this episode just a tad more darker / graphic than all the other ones, as it did show soldiers getting a bullet in the back of the head. It depicts war as a horrible thing, so not sure why they censored the rest whilst showing it now. Pretty inconsistent.

The missiles using excellum (something like that), is this shows version of saying nuke. No way about it. It is known that Einstein fled Austria when Germany invaded and wanted his theory and knowledge on the atom bomb. Ironic enough is that Einstein didn’t want the Germans to use it, however the Americans did. Which is where he fled too.

The real star of this entire episode is non other than Berkman. I did like the banter exchanged between him and Sieg. Both men trying to one up each other, a bit like Holmes and Moriarty. Both being strategists. However the difference between the two is that Sieg has a nationalistic streak, whilst Berkman has a self-preservation streak. He got sold out by Otto, so he did the same whilst trying to stay alive.

The yuri baiting got a bit intense, that slap by Izetta to Fine!!!. Also that scene where Fine was flying with Izetta. What a bloody tease, it made it look like they went in for a kiss – however they just hugged.

Well the finale is next.

Episode Grade: B

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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