The Iron Hammer of the Witch 10: Izetta the last witch

Landsbruck has fallen. The invasion of Eylstadt from Germania has begun. Fine has escaped via a secret escape passage with Bianca and the others. She feels guilty of abandoning her people in their darkest hour. Sieg has to reassure her the consequences if she were ever to be captured. With Sophie leading the assault, Eylstadt defence were like paper to the advancing might of Germania. The populous are all but fleeing Eylstadt. News has got out that Eylstadt has fallen. And that Fine has gone missing.

    I’m fleeing, abandoning my people and retainers in the palace

— Fine

Otto the emperor has taken charge of the workshop and all things that are concerning Sophie. Whilst removing Berkman from having anything to do with the workshop. This doesn’t impress Berkman. Izetta finds herself in a bunker, along with Fine and the rest of the resistance. Izetta has a flashback about the stone that Sophie used.

Point of interests:
  • Eylstadt fell in two hours
  • Oberman lead the rescue of Izetta from the Germanians
  • Germania use propaganda to intimidate other countries via the defeat of Izetta and having their own witch

Izetta - 10B

Izetta - 10E

This episode main purpose is pretty much to give a lot of screen time to the main antagonists in the series the Germainians. And how advanced and ruthless they are. I mean even Berkman didn’t get off lightly. After all he has done as well. It also showed just how power hungry Otto is.

I do like the revised edition of how the battle of Britain was changed. In WWII, Germany tried to do an airstrike in Britain, however they were pushed back by the Royal Air Force (RAF) giving Britain a massive victory over the German, who boasted of having better fighter planes. In this instance, that’s not the case. They are invaded much like Eylstadt. And defeated with ease.

The stone that Sophie uses is given a back story, which is touched upon but not expanded upon. And it’s nice that the stone isn’t too over powered.

The fact that Izetta is only 15 years old, says a lot. The series is heading towards the penultimate episode. Which is interesting.

Episode Grade: B

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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