To dive myself in to a space police adventure: elDLIVE first impressions

Yoyosa!! well this is another first impression post folks. And well if you’ve enjoyed, or have seen Katekyo hitman reborn then you’ll enjoy the spiritual successor elDLIVE. If you haven’t seen hitman reborn, then you should.

elDLIVE focuses on Chuta Kokonose. A lonely high school boy who is good at home economics and mostly home crafts. Although he isn’t completely useless at PE or other things. However he has a bad habit of talking to himself. Which is why most kids avoid him. Also he suffers from a mental trauma from his childhood. Which only furthers his isolation.

So much to his dismay he somehow gets dragged in to a situation involving a space alien disguised as a human being. This is when space police decide that he is a good candidate to be an agent. However this is contested by none other than the most popular girl from Chuta’ school Misuzu Sonokata. A fellow officer as well. Misuzu has a angelic face with a sharp tongue and cold demeanour to boot. She sees Chuta as a pervert. And wishes him to fail and leave elDLIVE. Blick Laine – Chuta’ and Misuzu superior has no problems with Chuta being part of the elDLIVE programme.

It is also revealed that the voice that Chuta has been hearing is a space alien called Dolugh (or drew in the manga). A monitalien that was sent from from another planet. He is the reason why Chuta has been hearing voices. He also shares his body with Chuta and can’t leave until Chuta dies. The attacks that Dolugh and Chuta are created from imaginations. Mostly these attacks are created based on things from home economics.

Just like its spiritual successor the series starts off as a slice of life, comedy but then things take a serious turn. Chuta much like Tsuna from hitman reborn, have low self-esteem. However I do feel that Chuta has it much more easier as he isn’t seen as “no good” and isn’t completely useless much like Tsuna is. Chuta is more capable, whilst Tsuna has to be egged on by reborn or get shot by the dying will bullet. However the tenth boss in reborn does show the ability to lead, when his friends are in danger. Chuta I can’t see it yet.

elDLIVE much like hitman reborn sees the MC being surrounded by friends. All with their own personalities. And they do have personalities.

If you like zany, loud, crazy, humorous cast of characters then elDLIVE much like hitman reborn is to watch.

For me, the first impression of this anime:

Overall impression: V.good


ElDive - 1A

ElDive - 1B

Alternatives: Katekyo hitman reborn!

What are your impression of the anime?. Have you seen this anime, or do you plan to?. Let me know down in the comment section!!.


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3 thoughts on “To dive myself in to a space police adventure: elDLIVE first impressions

  1. I liked the concept of this but the first three episodes weren’t really doing much for me. The fourth episode seems to be starting to deliver though so I’m looking forward to where this goes next.

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    1. Yeah same here, it’s different from hitman reborn. Hitman reborn focused on having comedic moments. Due to the fact that Tsuna when not being serious, is down right no good / useless. Chuta is very different from him.

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