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The Sellun Corridor Burns: Episode 09

The resistance are ensuring that the Germanians advancement in Eylstadt are halted or at least slowed down. Till Izetta showed up and saved them. Fine, Elvira and Izetta are busy relaxing and enjoying the quiet days they usually have. Also noting how famous Izetta is getting. Which embarrasses Izetta. Lotte notes that the palace is a lot more cheerful. Sieg has an update from Bianca about the late night infiltration from the Germanians (no serenading there). He also notes two possible routes that could be on the Germanians radar; Sellum corridor or Ruden lake. Sieg seems to know more about the actual truth about the real tale of the white witch tale.

Don’t mess with the Germanian empire

— Germanian Soldier

The lady that appeared with Beckerman is picking daisies whilst having the red stone absorb something. Oberman reported that the Germanians have bolsted their forces at Ruden Lake. Seems like the Germanians have developed anti-witch tanks. So in retaliation, they gave Izetta some weaponry of their own. Fine is saddened that she can’t fulfil her promise to Izetta about world peace just yet. The anticipated battle of ruden lake is underway. When they receive the news that they didn’t know or wanted to hear.

Point of interests:
  • The Germanians use heavily fortified armoured trains as heavy artillary
  • Izetta is used as propaganda via comics etc
  • The white witches real name is Sophie

Izetta - 9C


Well I did say they heavily relied on Izetta. And now they paid the price for it. Also their past came back to haunt them. Via through the fabled white witch of lore. So no, not surprised that they got their arse whooped..badly.

It’s quiet interesting that propaganda is used heavily through out this episode. In the beginning it was used as an anti-Germanian tactic, at the end to dissuade any Germanian resistance. Of course propaganda was used heavily throughout WWII.

Speaking of comics, did you know that Superman was used as propaganda; during the war(s). Interesting that an “immigrant” is used as a propaganda tool to further the cause of America. When they weren’t so welcoming back then – and to a certain extent now.

I do like the fact that despite Izetta getting some much-needed upgrade in her weaponry arsenal, she still got beat. In most shows, when a character gets an upgrade they generally kick arse and win. And it was quiet amusing to see Izetta get her own comic strip. Should have trade marked it or at least get royalty fees out of it.

Science, technology and to a certain extent magic to create a clone of the white witch is pretty advanced. Stating just how far ahead Germania is in terms of technology and researching. In relations to the world they are in.

In all a pretty good episode showing the defeat and the threat of the supposed saviour.

Episode Grade: B

What are your thoughts of the current episode?. As usual comments are welcomed in the section below.


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